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Equipment Review: Suzuki Marine introduces new Watergrip Propellers

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jan 16, 2020

New Line of propellers feature octagonal propeller bushing for improved gear box protection while minimizing a 'Spun Prop'


Round propeller bushings are designed to protect your outboard’s drive train by absorbing the shock should you accidentally hit an obstruction underwater. However, in warmer climates, even a minor ding underwater can cause you to spin a prop, and as we all know, a “spun” prop won’t hold at much above 2-3,000 rpm, forcing you to limp home. Suzuki’s new Watergrip propeller, with its innovative new bushing, solves this problem.

“At Suzuki, innovation isn’t limited to just outboards,” said Gus Blakely, vice president of sales for Suzuki Marine. “These new props are designed to grip the water better, and the new bushing makes them more durable and easier for our customers to use.”

Suzuki engineers have developed this new series of propellers with an octagonal propeller bushing. This eight-sided rubber bushing, with chamfered bronze inserts to reinforce the edges, provides excellent protection for the outboard’s drive train, while minimizing the total failure common to round or square bushings.

Under stress, the new bushing will turn like a ratchet, slipping one, two or three sides, depending upon the force encountered. This slippage will protect the drive train, but because it will catch securely after it slips, the hub will still provide the friction needed for high speed operation.

When it’s time for replacement, this new bushing can be removed and replaced by the user, without having to return the prop to a dealer or prop shop. Because this new bushing fits tightly, there is no chatter or vibration and shifting is smooth and positive.

Watergrip propellers are already standard on Suzuki’s DF350A and are now available in sizes to fit all present 16-inch V6 Suzuki outboards. They became available in November 2019 for Suzuki’s new DF150RSS and DF200RSS performance outboards for lightweight fishing boats.

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