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Hunting Equipment Review: Zeiss Sports Optics

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Mar 07, 2012

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics introduces
the Conquest Superformance with Rapid-Z

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has partnered with Hornady Manufacturing to combine the success of two great brands and products into an easy-to-use, long-range shooting package. The new Conquest Superformance riflescope with Rapid-Z reticle is the perfect "no thought, no fuss" solution for hunters seeking an easier way to hit long-distance targets accurately.

The Conquest Superformance with Rapid-Z combines the legendary engineering and optical performance of Zeiss Conquest riflescopes and the proven accuracy and dependability of Hornady Superformance ammunition into one accurate and easy-to-use package.

A shooter just needs to match a select Hornady Superformance caliber and bullet weight with one of the six select Zeiss Conquest Superformance riflescopes. Then simply mount and zero the rifle for 200 yards, place the scope on maximum power, and start hitting targets with Hornady Superformance ammunition time after time.  Conquest Superformance riflescopes are available with Rapid-Z 600 and Rapid-Z 800 reticles only.

This simple, intuitive concept means less time fussing with gear and calculations and more time hunting and shooting successfully.

For more information phone (800) 441-3005 or

zeiss conquest scope

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