Event Report: Corona Lake Tournament

EVENT REPORT: Corona Lake Tournament Saturday, Feb. 2

BIG Trout / Blind Bogey - 50/50

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Feb 01, 2013

CORONA — If you missed the last tournament at Santa Ana River Lakes, don't miss this one. It was fantastic, huge fish were stocked and CAUGHT and lots of cash was paid to the winners.

Here's how it works. The entry fee is $20 in addition to the normal gate fee. 100 percent OF ALL ENTRY FEES will be paid out in cash prizes.

Here's an example: The actual prize pool depends on the number of fishermen entering the Tournament. If 200 fishermen enter the tournament the prize pool will be $4,000. Fifty percent ($2,000) of this pool will be paid to the fisherman catching the 4 largest trout. $800 will be paid for the largest trout, $600 for the 2nd largest, $400 for the 3rd largest trout and $200 for the 4th largest trout. The other 50 percent of the prize pool ($2,000) will be paid to 10 fishermen catching trout that weigh closest, without exceeding, the weight of 10 random fish weights chosen from a computer number generator.

Complete details are available on our web site or CLICK HERE. It's our plan to hold another 50/50 tournament at Santa Ana River Lakes two weeks after the Corona Tournament. Watch for details.

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