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IGFA Trustee Michael L. Farrior appointed to Historian position

BY GARY GRAHAM/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 21, 2012

RANCHO SANTA FE — History, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung once suggested, lives not in thick books, but in our blood. Anyone who has spent countless hours working line through a reel might agree; the stories we share about fishing are so full of vitality and passion that they can leap off a page as well as any fish out of water.

One man has been dedicated to researching and uncovering more of fishing history to share with anglers around the world, and now he has been appointed as the IGFA’s official Historian: IGFA Trustee and Board Secretary Michael L. Farrior.

This will not be Farrior’s first appointment to such a post. A long-time member of The Tuna Club of Avalon, Farrior was appointed Historian for the organization and subsequently wrote The History of the Tuna Club 1898-1998. Although it is well-known that current IGFA rules are based on the rules first created by The Tuna Club, Farrior’s research has gone further to chronicle the development of big game sport fishing as we know in California.

“His personal collection of historic fishing gear is astonishing,” says IGFA President Rob Kramer of Farrior’s new role. “His eagerness to share his collection, knowledge and research make him a natural fit for documenting the legacy of sport fishing.” Per a new bylaw adopted by the IGFA Board of Trustees at their annual meeting in January, as the official IGFA Historian Farrior will be charged with keeping a record of significant catches, statistics and notable events in the history of the IGFA. “And I can think of no one better than Mike Farrior,” Kramer added, “to do that job.”

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IGFA PRESIDENT ROB KRAMER, left, said of Michael Farrior, the new IGFA historian, that no is more qualified for the post. Farrior is a resident of Rancho Santa Fe, a collector of fishing equipment memorabilia, author, and is a member and historian of the Avalon Tuna Club.  

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