Feature Article: Gail Force vs. Triton

Gail Force gets the upper hand in duel versus Triton

By DYLAN DUPRES/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Aug 07, 2019

It was about 1:30 p.m. and the first whole-hearted “FRESH ONE” rang out from the starboard rail. It was a yellowtail hooked by Sage Schedko of Clovis on bait. Schedko did an excellent job subduing the fish. As the 19.5-pound yellow came aboard there were sighs of relief all around the Gail Force.

cadmusdanetCADMUS DANET, 12, of Orange, bested all challengers during the Triton vs. Gail Force WON charter. He won the combined $20 per angler jackpot of $450 with this 22.1-pound Catalina yellowtail. The young man is no stranger to WON he was featured on a recent cover with a fine 70-pound bluefin. WON PHOTOS DYLAN DEPRES

We’d had pretty good bass fishing throughout the day but it wasn’t until the yellows starting biting that we figured we were gaining the upper hand in the friendly duel that is the annual Triton vs. Gail Force WON charter that features a combined $20 per angler jackpot. Schedko’s fish would eventually take second place, earning him a nice $270.

Both the Triton and Gail Force had started off their days at Catalina looking for yellowtail but the conditions were not there, so both boats got to work on the kelp line to fill in the gaps and fill up the bags. There they found great bass and barracuda fishing on sardines and a hot bait on 20-pound test was almost certain to draw a bite. The bass short to legal ratio was not bad either. Both boats put a bunch of keepers on the boat every stop among the flurries of near-legal fish.

It was at one such stop that the Triton’s anglers had their shot. Yellows flashed through and came up boiling off the bow a few times. Three hookups ended in disappointment as burly forkies ran into the reef or buried themselves in the weeds.

It was about then that the Gail Force made a long run to West Cove. The move was destined to pay off, first in Schedko’s fish and later in more yellows. Adrenaline was up and the anglers were ready to shoot for the fences. But first, the false alarms. A good deal of the Gail Force anglers were fishing lower in the water column and were greeted by plenty of biting bat rays!

secondplacewentSECOND PLACE WENT to Sage Schedko of Clovis for this beautiful 19.5-pound yellowtail, the first caught on either boat dueling it out at Catalina. It was worth $270.

Twelve-year-old Cadmus Danet from Orange soon hooked up with what would be the winning fish, worth $450. After a few laps around the boat, he welcomed aboard a quality 22.1-lb Catalina yellowtail. Cadmus is no stranger to Western Outdoor News, he was featured on the cover page earlier in the year for a great quality 70-pound bluefin tuna. He came out with his dad, another avid fisherman who explained to me with no regrets how, “Cadmus always outfishes me.” The industry needs up-and-comers like this young man and he told us how he wants to start working on boats as soon as he can.

During the trips, both boats had demo rods from Daiwa available for passengers to use as they wished. Aboard the Gail Force, Chuck Trujillo of Arcadia took us up on this and fished a heavy-duty Daiwa Saltwater spinner combo. The rig was made up of a Daiwa Proteus WN80-HF rod paired with a Saltist 6500 reel and Daiwa J-Braid. During the afternoon yellowtail escapade he hooked up, and after a good fight he put the wood to the Gail Force’s third place fish. It earned him $180. His yellowtail was another quality model weighing in at 19.3 pounds. The spinning gear didn’t restrict him one bit and it was evident the combo could handle much more if need be.

As with all WON charters, there were prizes including Turner’s Outdoorsman gift cards, Daiwa hats and fishing tools and Rapala lures. Aboard both boats WON had spools of Daiwa J-Braid, Sufix Superior monofilament, and Yo-Zuri TopKnot 100 percent Fluorocarbon for everyone to share.

When all was said and done, we put together a decent day of summer fishing at Catalina. It was a day of pleasant weather, great bass fishing, and a sprinkle of quality yellowtail. We hope that everyone aboard the charter enjoyed their experience as much as we enjoyed having them aboard with us. Thanks to the captains and crews of both the Triton and Gail Force for putting us on a great day!

sweetsweepforSWEET SWEEP FOR the Gail Force, as Chuck Trujillo of Arcadia lands a 19.3-pound yellow on the demo Daiwa gear. This third-place fish paid for the trip and some with a prize of $180.

THE GAIL FORCE steaming her way to victory over the Triton.

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