Feature Article: Beaumont Shooting Range

Beaumont Indoor Shooting Range

BY DURWOOD HOLLI/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: May 18, 2017

This range maybe small, but it provides big opportunity for both handgun and rifle shooters

BEAUMONT — Situated near the eastern edge of Southern California’s urban sprawl, near the junction of I-10 and the 60 freeways, is the more than century old city of Beaumont. Hidden within the confines of a tiny industrial pack, just south of the I-10 freeway, is the Beaumont Indoor Shooting Range (

locatedinasmallLOCATED IN A SMALL industrial park, just south of the I-10 Freeway, in the city of Beaumont, this indoor shooting venue offer opportunity for both hand and rifle shooters. DURWOOD HOLLIS PHOTOS

While this venue might be small, nevertheless, it offers the opportunity to shoot both handguns (any pistol caliber) and rifles (up to .30-06 Springfield).

The reach this location, go east on I-10, past the City of Redlands, to the Beaumont 6th Avenue off-ramp. Follow 6th Avenue under the freeway to Beaumont Boulevard. Turn right and proceed south on Beaumont Avenue, back under the Freeway and across the railroad tracks to Fourth Street. Turn right on Fourth Street and proceed west about one-half mile to the location. The range is situated in a small industrial park, 877 West, Suite D, on the south side of Fourth Street.

The hours of operation for this location are 10 a.m to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. I visited the range mid-week and found only two other shooters using its facilities. To be sure, weekends and evening are going to see the highest number of shooters at the range. Within the range there are nine 50-foot handgun lanes, and five75-foot rifle lanes. All ammunition used must be full metal jacket (FMJ), with brass cases (.22 Long Rifle ammunition is only exception). Additional range restrictions include: no holstered handguns without Range Officer approval, a maximum of two shooters per lane, minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (one child per adult), no brass collection allowed, no rapid firing and all firearms brought onto the premises must be unloaded.

THE 25-YARD INDOOR rifle range has five shooting lanes, each separated one-from-another by partial physical barriers.

Range fees are: one shooter $15 per hour, two shooters $25 per hour (both using the same shooting lane). Range fees include two targets per shooter, and the use of eye and ear protection. Active military, veteran and law enforcement discounts are available. Additional targets cost $1 each, with specialty target costing $2 each. Handgun and .22 caliber rifles may be rented at the range for $15 each; with AR style rifles costing $25 each. Other services offered are: shooting instruction (by appointment), gunsmith services, and ammunition sales.

This range is well maintained, easy-to-use and well-supervised. The shooting lanes are partially separated one-from-another by physical barriers and have excellent lighting. I particularly liked the simple and straightforward manner in which the range is managed, making access to shooting an easy step from payment of fees to range access. The owner/operator Casey Seewoster was friendly and helpful, without any of the off-putting attitude you can occasionally encounter at these venues. For WON readers who live in the greater Inland Empire, the Beaumont Indoor Shooting Range’s hours of operation and low cost make it a destination of choice for many firearm enthusiasts.

THE SEPARATE HANDGUN range features nine 50-foot lanes, with the same physical barriers confining each shooter to their own shooting lane.

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