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Cabo Tuna Jackpot: It is for you?

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Mar 10, 2017

It had a record payout of $749,000 last with 168 teams! You can compete too for about $2,500 a person, airfare and hotel and entry and two jackpots, charter included and ladies have a great time fishing and partying




THE BOATS CHARGE around the famed arch on the second of the 2016 flare gun starts. This shot was taken from video drone footage used in the official video. The ladies are always welcome and have a great time fishing, or partying. Here, Judy Passerello and Carol Lynn Collette on a Gaviota sportfisher.

CABO SAN LUCAS — The entry form, the official website, the Facebook page, and the new 2016 video are all updated for the 2017 Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament, so check them out concerning the Nov. 1-4 event. There are 26 teams signed up already, with their team numbers reserved.

The tournament is not for “rich” people or even hard core tuna fishermen. There are about 70 women on the 168 teams last year, 90 percent of the boats were chartered, and if you look at loscabostunajackpot.com there is a story about what it costs to enter. Believe it or not, $2,500 a person will get you team, entry, airfare, meals, bait, two optionals ($1,000 dorado, $500 tuna), Tesoro hotel for four days, and even a National rental car for four people.

“You can go on a your usual fishing trip to Mexico with buddies and simply fish and go out to eat and then go home, or you can be a part of the biggest tuna tournament in the world, have a chance to be a big money winner, attend two parties and be in three big tackle drawings,” said director Pat McDonell. “People are shocked that at the lower levels of optionals, and staying at the Tesoro, it is so reasonably priced. Of course, you can upgrade your boat, your hotel and get in more optionals, but that is your choice. This tourney for anyone, and anyone can win it.”

The website www.loscabostunajackpot.com has all the results and a preview for 2017. Especially fun is the official 2016 video. It’s quick-paced, and fun, with one song and aerial, land and on-the-water footage.

If you are a team returning, or a new one wanting a specific team number, as we have done in the past, Jan. 1 was the deadline to secure your 2016 team number. Currently, any team can request any available number when they sign up. A team can “hold” or reserve their team number with a $100 deposit, payable online at wonews.com at WON Events (scroll down to the Cabo logo). Or contact lori@wonews.com and she will take your credit card info.

Pat McDonell, director, Patm@wonews.com

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