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Madame Lures - Aloha Spirit charter makes magic with plastics

BY BOB SEMERAU/WON Staff WriterPublished: May 23, 2019

OXNARD —The opportunity of fishing a jig only trip with 22 anglers experienced at working hardware for big fish sounded like one not to be missed.

Madame Lures, the new kids around town with a unique take on plastic jigs, wanted to have an opportunity to show their stuff and how effective it might be for larger-model rockfish.

“Years ago, we started making the ­assortment of jigs for ourselves and we fished them together with excellent­ ­results. Then our friends started asking for some as well,” said Adam ­Christiansen, the co-owner of Madame Lures along with partner, Matthew (Matt) Strang.

rockfishloveROCKFISH LOVE SWIMBAITS, and with a limit of rockfish and ling they really love the Madame Lure line.

“So, we decided to gear-up and go for it, selling a few here and there. Now we are doing it full-bore and getting some great reviews,” added partner Matt.

Captain Shawn Steward, owner/operator of Aloha Spirit, opted to make the long haul out to the outside of Santa Rosa Island and a few spots of deeper water for big fish.

The team from Madame Lure passed out a variety of the brightly-colored plastic jigs to everyone aboard and advised the best ways to work the jigs deep.

“You’ll want to keep them moving with a few cranks and drops to make the action visible to the fish,” explained Matt Strang, whose day-job for recent times has been as a marine ecologist.

Partner Adam is an engineer by trade and put his considerable knowledge and experience into developing a special blend of materials to make the Madame Lure line more durable and designed to have unique swimming action.

The action of “The Creature,” a large, multi-colored plastic Scampi with wings or legs, moves horizontally, planing across as it’s pulled up from the bottom.

The “Sardine” has similar coloration to the real thing but is larger than most you’ll find in the tank and swims evenly when headed down and coming up from the bottom.

plasticmagicPLASTIC MAGIC BY Madame Lure giving, left to right: WON associate, Ted Reed with jackpot ling, Adam Christiansen with his big ling, and Matt Strang showing a bucket-mouthed bocaccio.

WON associate Ted Reed elected to try the “Big Richard” glow paddle-tail, a more traditional swimbait, with excellent results.

Once Capt. Steward set up the first drift, the jigs were dropped deep and cranked up, but the fish were not there to see our offerings.

Several moves produced some larger reds and a few ling, but the fifth drift made the day.

“Crank up 10 to 15 turns and there is a huge cloud of fish,” called Capt. Steward after setting up the drift and just before the insta-bite broke out.

Up and down the rail, rods were bent to the task as fish began to fill the sacks.

Lady angler Lexi Gold bagged her first lingcod of the year and angler Randy Dotemoto pulled up a large-scale red to add to his sack.

With a long ride home, the fishing ended just after limits of rockfish and lingcod were totaled.

Using jigs only meant some tweaking of the usual squid and anchovy style fishing but the Madame Lures showed the plastics’ ability to get fish.

Back at the Channel Islands Sportfishing docks, anglers were given gift packs of the new swimbaits to take home and try on their next trip out for rockfish and ling. After the great success everyone had fishing aboard Aloha Spirit, those trips would be coming up soon.


Madame Lure;; (805) 499-5838

Aloha Spirit Sportfishing;; (805) 382-1612

Channel Islands Sport­fishing;; (805) 382-1612

LADY ANGLER LEXI GOLD has her first ling of the year displayed by Aloha Spirit deckhand, Kelly Carlberg.

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