Feature Article: SF Offshore Jackpot Promo

San Diego Offshore Jackpot includes all three landings

BY PAT McDONELL/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jan 17, 2017

Third annual event now a ‘Battle of the Basin’ as it expands from 12 to 14 sportfishers and two more landings, with big bucks and sponsors’ and landings’ prizes — June 29-30

JOIN IN THE FUN at the third annual San Diego Offshore Jackpot at the Scott Street Landings, June 29-30. WON PHOTOS BY PAT McDONELL

SAN DIEGO — The first year, it had three teams, and not all the sportfishers were filled. The second year, all 12 boats out of H&M Landing were jammed with anglers on overnight trips. The docks were alive with fishermen the night before and jammed up even more at the big bluefin weigh-in, followed by the awards and drawings.

This year, the biggest one-day sportfishing landing event on the coast, the third annual WON San Diego Offshore Jackpot, June 29-30, is expanding once again, to include all three Scott Street Landings, and it’s what Frank Ursitti of H&M Landing wanted all along when WON and H&M got together three years ago to create the Offshore Jackpot.

A CROWD GATHERS around the weigh-in and changing leaderboard.

“It’s exciting to see the event grow into a true Battle of the Basin (referencing the region where the Big Three Landings are located),” said Frank Ursitti, part owner and GM of the H&M Landing. “There is a true spirit of competition that is growing surrounding the event. In the past, there existed lots of competitive banter between participating boats. This year, that still exists, however, so much more is at stake with the all landings participating. Not only will the winning angler be rewarded with a huge jackpot, the perpetual trophy will reside in the winning landing’s tackle shop for the next 12 months.”

Ursitti, added, “I’m not planning on taking the trophy out of our case for anything other than to engraving this year’s winner on the cup, and placing it right back where it belongs, H&M Landing.”

The 10 boats that are participating for H&M are the Relentless, Constitution, Chief, Ocean Odyssey, Old Glory, Ranger 85, Legend, First String, Sea Adventure II and the Daiwa Pacific.

The charter price for each boat trip is $275 per person and that includes the optional buy-in and raffle entry to prizes from Yo-Zuri, Costa, Turner’s, Sufix, Plano and VMCz.

The big prize, though, is the first place cash, the amount based on pay-ins. With 12 boats filled last year, it was $7,000. This year, so far, there are 14 boats in the mix, so that $7,000 could grow to nearly $9,000.

LAST YEAR’S TOP three anglers with Frank Ursitti and the perpetual trophy.

“Last year we had $7,000 in cash for the champion; and when we get all the charters and crunch the numbers, we will announce the amounts of the top winners and what they will win,” said event organizer Ben Babbitt of WON, who also created and directs the three other WON sportfishing landings saltwater events — the Channel Islands Shootout, the Rockfish Rumble, and new this year, the Central Coast Lingcod Championship.

“No matter what, it will be some big bucks, because the top angler gets 50 percent, second gets 30 percent and third is going to get a nice check with 20 percent of the money,” said Babbitt. It’s all based on the number of entries, but we think we are going to have bluefin again and likely albacore. Wouldn’t that be a great day on the water?”

To book one of the trips, contact the landings at:

— Fisherman’s Landing, (619) 221-8500 or fishermans; Boats: Pacific Queen, Prowler.

— H&M Landing, (619) 222-1144 or online at H&M Boats: Relentless, Constitution, Chief, Ocean Odyssey, Old Glory, Ranger 85, Legend, First String, Sea Adventure II and the Daiwa Pacific.

— Point Loma Sportfishing, (619) 223-1627. Boats: New Lo-An, Dominator

THE DRAWINGS ARE always a big hit after the weigh-in. They include tackle and free fishing trips, tackle boxes and clothing.

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