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Saltwater Bass Series to highlight Techron Marine

Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Mar 14, 2019

Protection Plus fuel additive during 2019 tournaments



The Saltwater Bass Series has partnered with Chevron Lubri­cants to make new Techron Marine Protection Plus Fuel Additive an integral part of the 2019 Tournament Events. “We’re excited to be working with the folks at Chevron to help them promote this comprehensive new fuel additive formulated specifically for boats and the harsh marine environment,” said SBS Director, guide and tournament angler, Capt. Gerry Mahieu. “I’ve been sharing this stuff with my close angler friends to use in their boats, and they’ve been loving it. I’m looking forward to promoting Techron Marine to all the anglers who fish SBS,” added Mahieu.

SBS event organizers will be providing free sample bottles of Techron Marine to boats participating in each event throughout the season. Techron Marine can be used in boats powered by all inboard, outboard and stern-drive gasoline engines, including two-stroke, four-stroke, carbureted, port or electronic fuel injected and direct-injected engines. It is ideal for use with ethanol-free gasoline or a wide range of ethanol-blended fuels from E10 to E85.

While Techron Marine stabilizes fuel up to an impressive 24 months — it is not just a storage product. This breakthrough additive formulation delivers performance benefits with every use, providing complete fuel system protection — and it won’t contribute to phase separation. Test data has shown that Techron Marine provides ‘best-in-class’ corrosion protection in both fresh and saltwater environments, making it an ideal choice for inland boaters, inshore and offshore anglers, cruising sail boaters and others who pursue their passion on the water.

This powerful new additive also delivers advanced cleaning power long known of the Techron brand, further benefitting boaters by restoring power and performance and optimizing fuel efficiency by cleaning fuel injectors, throttle bodies, carburetors and combustion chambers. It cleans intake valve deposits in port fuel-injected engines, for smoother idling and enhanced throttle response. This exclusive cleaning power also helps minimize cold-start problems, while preventing and removing gum and varnish in the fuel system. For maximum effectiveness, the proprietary Techron formula begins to clean up the fuel system and engine with the first application, then keeps it clean as the boat is fueled up, re-treated and oper­ated throughout the boating season.

The SBS tournament series brings Southern California’s top private boat anglers together in the spirit of competition and the pursuit of calico bass, sand bass and spotted bay bass. The next event on the schedule will be the Long Beach Inside & Out Tournament on March 23, followed by the Oceanside Coastal on April 20, the Long Beach Night Tournament on May 18, and finally, the 2-Day Cham­pionship out of Long Beach June 8-9.

Participants are encouraged to chat with Mahieu to learn more about his personal experiences with Techron Marine during these upcoming events. “People who know me know how particular I am about keeping my gear and my boat in top condition at all times,” said Mahieu. “I believe in Techron Marine so strongly, I was proud to appear in a video the com­pany shot late last year about the importance of protecting your boat’s fuel system and engine.” That video can be viewed on Techron Marine’s YouTube channel at: .

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