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First Person: Jardily

First Person Report: My would-be world record shortfin corvina

BY RAMZEE JARIDLY/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Aug 01, 2019

SAN DIEGO — I was down in San Diego for the Fourth of July with my brother Rommee Jaridly, and the night before we were fishing on a dock catching bay bass and shortfin corvina under a boat’s blue lights. The corvina weren’t big ones, about 2 feet long.

ramzeejaridlyRAMZEE JARIDLY AND his brother Romme with Ramzee’s would-be record 10-pound, 8-ounce shortfin corvina, 2 ounces heavier than the IGFA all-tackle world record fish taken out of San Diego Bay by Carmen C. Rose.

The next day we anchored the private boat Adventure, skippered by Greg McKendall, off the Coronado Bridge in about 15 feet of water. I threw out a rod with a sardine and slip sinker thinking I might catch a halibut. With the line still in free spool, it just took off. The initial run was big, and after I set the hook, I couldn’t do anything to move it for the first 30 seconds. I thought it was a bat ray.

I started gaining ground and saw it come to the surface. There was a big tail — it wasn’t a ray! Rommee netted it and I knew it was a corvina right away, it had two huge fangs on the top of its mouth and two on the bottom too. You didn’t want to put your finger in there, that’s for sure.

It was a pretty big fish and weighed 10 pounds, 8 ounces. We ended up letting it go. I was curious, and looked up the record later that day. The official all-tackle IGFA record is 10 pounds, 6 ounces. I didn’t realize how cool the catch was until then. I caught her on a little 2/0 bait hook and a 1⁄2–ounce egg sinker on 12-pound-test.

She’s still out there. Maybe someone will catch her when she’s 12 pounds. I’ve never seen one close to that big.

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