First Person Report: UFC Fighters Fish

First Person Report: UFC fighters and vets celebrate bluefin battle

BY PHIL KLEYN-SCHOOREL/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: May 17, 2017

The Excel, on a 3 day run scores a 11-pound bruiser

— I’ve been a reader of WON for over 20 years, and have also fished many WON BASS tournaments. On May 6, 34 of us traveled down to San Diego and then into Mexican waters aboard the Excel out of Fisherman’s Landing. With us were several well-known UFC fighters Uriah Faber, Chad Mendes, Clay Guida, and16 Wounded Warrior vets from the Veteran Sportsmans Alliance, based in San Jose.

THE GROUP INCLUDED 16 Wounded Warriors.

These guys gave limbs for the U.S., and would love to see these pictures show up in WON. Chad’s guide business, named Finz and Featherz, sponsored the trip. On May 8, the last day of our 3-day trip, I hooked into and eventually landed a trophy bluefin, which was the jackpot fish of the trip, a 111 pounder. It was the only bluefin on the trip.The bluefin was hooked on light tackle and a Flatfall jig on 50-pound line, and tail-wrapped, it spooled my reel six times. It finally gave in after two hours!

If you'd like to put it in WON, these vets, and everyone from Finz and Featherz, as well as the Veteran’s Sportsmans Alliance would really appreciate it. Yeti and AFTCO, among others, sponsored the trip as well. There aren't many folks that do long range sportfishing in Northern Califiornia with the top fighters in the world, so it might be a fun one to put in the paper.

Phil Kleyn-Schoorel lives in Lower Lake, CA.

showingofftheSHOWING OFF THE 11 pounder, fromleft to right is Uriah Faber, Phil Kleyn-Schoorel (author and angler), Ryan O’Connell, Chad Mendes, Alvin Mendes, and Clay Guida (also a UFC fighter).

PHIL KLEYN-SCHOOREL with the bluefin that nearly spooled him six times. He is a longtime WON reader and lives in Lower Lake, CA.

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