First Person Report: Irvine Lake kick’s ‘em

FIRST PERSON REPORT: Irvine Lake kick’s ‘em out for five friends

BY BRETT EDMONSON/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jan 17, 2013

SANTIAGO — I couldn’t wait until the Fin and Feather Club opener to go fishing and decided to make the long trip from Santa Clarita to Irvine Lake yesterday and “scratch the itch.” Arrived at the lake by 6:30 greeted by 27 degree weather! I didn’t even know it could get that cold in Orange County.

BRETT EDMONDSON’S 4-pound rainbow.

Fishing started out pretty rough beginning with trolling and then anchoring up in two different spots and then finally beaching over on the west shore. By noon, we had only managed to scratch 2 fish, not exactly what we had hoped for. At 12:30 we decided to change things up and went back to trolling. We had one massive heart-stopping jig strike which turned out to be a bad snag and then I spotted an area near the Red Bluffs that somehow looked pretty fishy to me.
Anchoring up in 20 feet of water, nearly immediately we began to get hookups and at times had double and triples going! It was almost like a day on Crowley, minus the majestic snow capped mountains back drop of course! Most of the fish came on night crawlers and the new Trout King Tadpoles dipped in Bite On Garlic or Maize. I really have to plug those guys at Bite On, their stuff just plain out fishes everything else.

LEFT TO RIGHT, OSCAR VEGA, Ricky Carter, Charlie McCarthy and Jose Guzman.

There were boats all around us yesterday who must have been wondering what our secret was. No real monsters, although I got one about 4 pounds and my friend Charlie got one that went 3 pounds.
Fishing with me were my good friends Charlie McCarthy from Santa Clarita, Ricky Carter from Long Beach and Jose Guzman and Oscar Vega from Sylmar. Managed a total of 21 fish and a real heavyweight stringer (good thing we all love to eat fish as much as we love to catch it).
All-in-all a really great day on the water and enabled us to get that fishing urge out of our systems!

Brett Edmondson is a resident of Santa Clarita.

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