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Late goose season hot — or not!

BY BILL KARR/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 16, 2018

SUTTER — Hunters who were near big concentrations of geese did fair on the opener of the 5-day late goose season Feb. 10-14, while hunters in other areas never even saw a goose. Guide who scouted and put out huge spreads of decoys did very well, although we didn’t get any reports from any of them.

THE LATE GOOSE opener was good for Dominic DeRoss, Shawn Visger, Jeff Visger and Adam Carolan, not pictured, when they hunted near Pleasant Grove and shot 82 geese, including 1 blue and 1 banded goose.

Joe Johnson hunted his and Bill Gaines’ blind southeast of Sutter on Saturday. There were ducks everywhere right on the deck, despite the fact the wind wasn’t blowing in the morning. He had a flock of 6 geese sneak by him and whiffed on another flight, then crippled one from another flock. Geese were beginning to land in the checks around him about the time he had to leave.

This reporter went up to the same blind about 3 p.m. when the wind was howling, but there were no birds at all in the air, no geese on the pond and no nearby grinds, so I didn’t even hunt. On the way up, however, the Sankey Road area of Hwy. 99-70 was thick with geese.

WON Field Reporter Andre Fontenot sent in a report and said, “I went out and didn’t fire a decent shot. I hunted until noon in a decent wind but the geese stayed high. My buddies in the blind just south of me got one speck and two guys in a blind east of me got two specks. All were done by 1 p.m. My blind partner, Kevin Eck, hunted his goose field in Afton and his group got 35 geese. A buddy who hunted near the Sacramento Refuge, Randy Burrous of San Bruno, reported things were pretty slow overall. He got three on Saturday and three on Sunday (all snows) at his club near Sacramento Refuge.”

Bill Gaines didn’t get out on the opener, but did get some reports, “I heard the guys hunting in the bypass near my blind got some shooting, but don’t have any details. The guys that I do know did real well we’re hunting near Sankey road off 99.

WON HUNTER — WON Field Reporter Andre Fontenot hunted his club in the Sutter Bypass the last Wednesday of the season and bagged four ducks, including 2 wigeon, a gadwall and a spoonie.


juniorhuntfun2JUNIOR HUNT FUN — Parker McKenzie, age 15, with his limit and first speck goose on Saturday during the Junior Waterfowl Hunt on Feb. 3; and Mason McKenzie, age 11, with his first duck, a green-winged teal, on Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 4. They shot with their dad, Gregg McKenzie, at the Cameron Outing Duck Club in Rio Oso.

START OF A TRADITION — Peter and daughter Audrey Piccardo, left, and Augie and daughter Anna Cerdan, right, teamed up for the Youth Waterfowl hunt. The girls, both age 14, shot these 10 ducks and 4 specks on the Sprig Haven Duck Club near Little Dry Creek starting a great father-daughter tradition to be shared for years to come. A great job on their very first waterfowl hunt!

finalfightFINAL FLIGHT — 13-year-old Lake Almanor resident Joey Tantardino finishes strong while shooting Distinct 10 just above Marysville. Although conditions were not the best with sunny skies and warm weather, the early morning flight was all it took to end the season successfully.

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