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Big numbers of new ducks in Valley!

BY BILL KARR/WON Staff WriterPublished: Dec 13, 2018

WILLOWS — Reports from all of our guides and contacts have raved about a huge influx of new ducks into the Sacramento Valley, and that was reflected in the hunting during the week, even on relatively weatherless days.

“We had some great waterfowling this week!” said guide Casey Stafford of CICC Outdoor Adventures in Colusa. “I have a couple blinds in the Colusa area that are consistently producing every day while the others have been hit or miss. Today (Sunday) the fog set in and we absolutely pounded them in the Colusa area! Five of the guide blinds ended with limits or close to limits with only one blind being slow. It looks like there are a lot more birds coming into the area right now. With any weather from here on out we should see limit style shooting.”

LADY LIMITS — Rachel Allen and Megan Bauman went hunting on a ladies day out and shot limits of ducks and a bonus snow goose on a quick morning shoot on Nov. 22 while hunting with Chad Leblanc with CICC Outdoor Adventures.

That was echoed by Capt. James Stone of Elite Sportsmen Guide Service, who said, “Lots of teal are showing up now, and Paul Roberts of Lompoc shot a banded greenwing on Sunday. We also have some openings coming up.”

Jerry Cardova of Garberville hunted Delevan (blind #4) on Wednesday with three friends and they all came away with limits. Jerry said they had a mixed bag of pintail, gadwall, wigeon, spoonies, teal and one mallard. “Jerry also told me here was a light, off and on rain falling and about a 10 mph wind blowing,” said WON Field Reporter Andre Fontenot during his weekly report. “On Thursday he hunted our club in the Sutter Bypass and came away with 4 teal and a pintail. The next day Jerry got one teal and two roosters.

“On Saturday another member hunter our club and he bagged 4 teal and a spoonie,” Fontenot said. “Sunday I hunted our club, with my blind partner, Phil Fee, of Marin. We didn't have high expectations because the club has been only so-so. Right at shooting time we began shooting and didn't stop until we both had our limits at 8 am. It was a crazy good teal shoot, large flocks dropping in about every 10 to 15 minutes. We ended the morning with 13 teal and a lone spoonie.”

SCOTT MARGLIN OF Fowl Weather Guide Service and friend Michael Messatzzia of Ord Bend hunted the Richvale Area on Wednesday and scored 11 specks and two mallard. There’s more and more birds working the area, they said.

Guide Scott Marglin of Fowl Weather Guide Service had a fun hunt with friend Michael Messatzzia of Ord Bend at one of his Richvale blinds on Wednesday. With good hunting weather in the form of rain and north wind, the birds worked very well, and especially the specks. They ended with 11 specks and 2 mallard. He said “more and more birds are working the area.”

Robert McCrary of Laughing Duck Guide Service sent in his report, and said, “It’s been hit and miss all week. With weather we have been getting birds to fly. Wednesday was good for clients Rick and Danny Chatfield and Rob Harris. Saturday was bluebird and only gave up a spec, but with Sundays fog and clouds, limits on ducks came for all. There are lots of new birds in our area.

weatherdayitWEATHER DAY — It was windy and raining, and the ducks loved it! So did John Allen and Al Moore, who shot limits of ducks from the Colusa area while hunting with CICC Outdoor Adventures.

A MALLARD DAY for the memory book occurred at a private club near Colusa recently for Christopher and Hunter Hayes of Acampo, when they filled their straps with greenheads and a bull sprig or two. Overall, the migration is still going on, and birds are still on the move from the far north.

Tule-Klamath frozen up, ducks tough


Special to Western Outdoor News

TULELAKE —The Klamath Basin went from warmer than usual to frozen this week. Freezing temperatures hit quick and with the lack of water everything froze up pretty hard.

Most of the water units are shallow and with no moving water, the ice got thick. This does happen every year and when it does the birds typically will not fly much until after the 1 pm closure.

Hunting has been very tough this week. There are not many hunters but there are not many birds, either. Lower Klamath is all frozen, the ice is not safe to walk on yet so be careful, the best bet is a goose hunt in the dry grain fields.

On the Tulelake side everything is iced up as well, and bird activity is very low. The lake is frozen and the ice is thick enough nobody has tried to get a boat out. Bottom line, is it is tough to find a shoot right now and if you do see some birds in the hunt area it will be difficult to get to them.

If you are headed to the basin be ready for cold weather and make sure you get a map and follow the rules! There are lots of folks driving on closed roads .... don’t get a ticket !

Phil Brown is owner of WILD TIMES GUIDE SERVICE in the Klamath Basin and can be reached at (530) 925-1415.

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