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Willows: Ducks, geese flew during weather changes

BY BILL KARR/WON Staff WriterPublished: Dec 12, 2019

WILLOWS — The past week of waterfowling was good on the days things changed, but after two or three days of the same thing, be it rain, wind or fog, ducks and geese “found their place” and stopped flying. Now, it’s time to wait for another change.

“We had a pretty decent week of hunting in the rice near Colusa,” said guide and owner Casey Stafford of CICC Outdoor Adventures in Colusa. “We had a couple days of limit shooting, a few days of 12 to 15 birds a blind and then pretty slow for us this weekend. The Colusa area never shoots well in the overcast skies unless it’s raining. The rain came late both days for us, but we still managed to get a handful of birds each blind. We were covered up in sprig Saturday and could of easily shot our 7 apiece.”

delevanlimitsDELEVAN LIMITS — WON Field Reporter Andre Fontenot had the number one reservation for Delevan on Saturday, Nov. 30. He hunted blind No. 1 one with his son and they both shot limits: 10 spoonies, 2 bull sprig and 2 gadwall.

WON Staff Writer Dave Hurley said, “Mike Aughney of USA Fishing was at his blind near Colusa on Saturday morning, and he reported tremendous conditions with a southerly wind of 25 mph pushing through, but the birds were just not there.

“Randy Pringle, the Fishing Instructor, was at his blind in the Grasslands on Wednesday, and they limited out,” Hurley reported. He said, “’getting our one sprig was easy, as there are a number of sprig in the area. We have been limiting out consistently since the season started with a number of birds in our area.’”

WON Field Reporter Andre Fontenot reported on a number of areas. “Phil Fee of Marin hunted his club in District 10 on Friday and told me he did good in the storm. He shot a limit, getting his pintail, wigeon and spoonies. The guys who hunted over the weekend shot well on Saturday, but Sunday was a bit slower, although they did still get birds.

“Mike Niemi, of Modesto, hunted his club in the Grass­lands with a buddy and they both shot limits on Saturday,” Fontenot said. “His bag was a mixture of wigeon, spoonies and greenwing teal. Mike mentioned he had a decent wind blowing, but no rain.

“Frank Ginotti from Half Moon Bay hunted his club near Willows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Fontenot said. “He told me Friday was a bust, Saturday was okay and Sunday was the day. He hunted with his three blind partners and they came away with 22 ducks on Sunday, (11 greenwing teal, 4 bull sprig, 3 spoonies and 2 wigeon). Frank said if they shot better it would have been limits for all.

“Randy Burrous of San Bruno hunted his club near Terrell Farms over the weekend,” Fontenot said. “On Saturday, he had birds everywhere and was able to pick and choose his birds. He shot his pintail and finished his limit with two mallards and four wigeon. On Sunday, he told me he shot whatever came within range. He told me he regretted that because after he had a mixture of spoonies and teal, five total, the wigeon were everywhere. He dropped two wigeon to finish off his limit.”

colusaducksCOLUSA DUCKS — Davis Uslan of Clarksburg, Nick Mosher and Bryce Silva-Shipp had a good day in the marsh, ending up with limits, when they hunted a duck club in the Colusa area.

uplandpheasantsUPLAND PHEASANTS, chukar and quail are all available for hunting on private licensed gun clubs throughout the north state now, and Tom Mattusch of El Granada roamed fields at Birds Landing Hunting Preserve with “Elvis” the German shorthair pointer for these nice roosters. Elvis and a Winchester 101 resulted in a successful day.

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