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Woodland: Closing out the 2019-20 waterfowl season with a bang

By BILLY DRIESSEN/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 05, 2020

WOODLAND — For a special breed of sportsmen, hunting isn't a hobby, its a way of life that they dedicate themselves to year after year. Just as all the years that came before, what has a beginning must have an end before the cycle can start anew, and such is the way with this duck season.

THE NORTH GRASSLANDS kicked out the ducks during the last week of season, and WON contributor Bill Nakaki of Tracy and partner by David Ishizuka had a great shoot in the wind to end the season at the Hollister Gun Club. They shot mallard, gadwall, teal and ringnecks.

"We spent the final week of the balance of the states waterfowl season the right way," said local hunter Sam Medina. "We invested hours of leg work and scouting prior to attempting one of our final wood duck shoots of the season and it totally paid off. My friend Kellen Mcanelly of Woodland and I packed in to a secluded pothole on the California delta where a levy had broken and caused a nearby grove to flood.

“We set up 3 dozen woodie decoys before making our final preparations and 15 minutes before legal shoot time the birds started pouring in wave after wave through the timber, it was a spectacular sight to behold,” Medina said. “From shooting time to 9 a.m. we never stopped and our gun barrels were red hot, but we had shot limits of wood ducks that decoyed incredible and responded to the call better than most get to witness.

"Our final hunt was nothing short of stellar," Medina said. "We hunted one of my top producing spots this season on the Suisun marsh and it was another intense hunt that was hot and heavy start to finish. Kellen and I boated to my little public honey hole and set up in flooded grasslands that only had a few inches of water on it and the mallards want to get in there bad. Despite having barely enough water to swim, they are going in there and gorging themselves on little grass shoots by the hundreds. We hunted over a larger spread this time but we spread it out and only set them in mated pairs for a realistic late season approach that paid off big time. By 7:30 in the morning we had shot limits of mallards and ended our duck season on a spectacular high note," Medina said.

fatherdaughtershootFATHER/DAUGHTER SHOOT — Jerry Ruiz and his daughter Elizabeth of Fresno had a good day in the blind while hunting with guide Scott Marglin of Fowl Weather Guide Service ending up with a strap of ducks and geese.

specksandducksSPECKS AND DUCKS — Scott Hirsch and Bill Edic show off with a hefty strap of speckled-belly geese and ducks that they shot from the Arbuckle area on a foggy Tuesday while hunting with owner/guide Casey Stafford of CICC Outdoor Adventures.

uplandsuccessUPLAND SUCCESS — “Elvis,” the German shorthair pointer and Tom Mattusch hunted Birds Landing for pheasants and found the rains had only helped by adding moisture, which helps the dogs track scent. They ended up with some nice roosters, and traded some for pepperoni sticks, sausage and smoked pheasant.

suisunsuccessSUISUN SUCCESS — Bill Gaines of Gaines & Associates of Shingle Springs snuck out for a late afternoon hunt at his blind in Suisun and had a good shoot, resulting in a bull sprig, drake mallard, wigeon and 4 spoonies.

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