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Junior hunters enjoy day in duck blinds

BY JIM NIEMIEC/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 08, 2017

LAKEVIEW — Junior waterfowl hunters enjoyed pretty good duck hunting over the weekend. Good hunting weather and new flocks of teal and shovelers helped provide very good hunting conditions for the kids. There were 74 Jr. hunters in blinds at the San Jacinto Wildlife Refuge and they combined to shoot at total of 104 ducks for a 1.34 bird average. Top duck on the comp report was the cinnamon teal with 27 bagged to go along with 25 green winged teal and 19 shovelers.

WISTER FINALE WITH KIDS — The waterfowl season ended last Saturday with refuges hosting youths only, and WON reader and hunter extraordinaire Jeff von Urff was among those who helped at the Wister wildlife area junior hunt with his friend and his kids Jocelyn and Travis Doty. “Had a great time and my master hunter lab spike did the retrieves,” said von Urff. Then it was off to a BBQ with the rest of the kids and parents, and drawings. It was a great experience, he said.

Young hunters enjoyed good duck gunning at Kern National Wildlife Refuge for the Sat. only hunt. There were a total of 24 junior hunters out in blind sites and they all shot well as the average harvest per shooter was 4 ducks bagged. The bulk of the ducks shot were green winged teal with 38 bagged to go along with 28 shovelers and then a mix of other puddle ducks and a few divers.

Prado Basin shot well for junior hunters as well. There were 7 young hunters out at the Riverside County Flyway Association club and they all enjoyed lots of shooting. It was a mix of puddle ducks and big divers that flew all morning long over flooded timber and ponds. The return of some ducks, basically green winged and cinnamon teal, accounted for more ducks in this part of the Pacific Flyway.

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