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Joice Island Pig Hunt in Solano County

Special Joice Island Pig Hunt

Special permit-only pig hunt to control a small population of wild pigs.

Bill KarrPublished: Jan 22, 2013

Apply now for Joice Island Pig Hunt in Solano County

SUISUN--The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) is offering wild pig hunting at Joice Island inside the Grizzly Island Wildlife Area in Solano County.
DFW will be holding a limited-entry, permit-only pig hunt to control a small population of wild pigs. Three hunters will be drawn for each of the eight weekends, for a total of 24.
The deadline to apply is Feb. 7 and the drawing will be held on Feb. 8. Two-day pig hunt permits will be issued for the following weekends:
Junior License Holders (12 & over)

Mar. 2-3
General (adults or youth may apply)
Mar. 9 -10
Mar. 16-17
Mar. 23-24
Mar. 30-31
Apr. 6-7
Apr. 13-14
Apr. 20-21
To apply, send a standard postcard, available from your local post office to:
Joice Island Pig Hunt
2548 Grizzly Island Road
Suisun City, CA 94585

Please include the name of the hunter (junior license holders must also provide name of adult chaperone), his or her mailing address (including ZIP code), a phone number, the 2012-13 hunting license number and the desired hunt date. Each hunter may apply only once and for only one date.
Application cards must be received by close of business on Thurs., Feb. 7 and will be accepted for parties of up to two hunters. Each card must contain all information for both hunters. Incomplete cards and multiple entries will not be accepted. There is no fee to apply.
Permits with maps and additional information will be mailed to successful applicants. A permit holder may bring one non-hunting partner. Additional guests must be approved by CDFW. NOTE: Only shotguns using slugs and archery will be allowed on this hunt.


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Readers Feedback:

That is a question only you can ansewr.I have been elk hunting for 3 seasons and am comfortable taking a 200 yard shot. I shoot a close group at 200 yard (within 1.5 inches for 3 shots). I would like to have a better group before I try for a longer shot. I also have my gun zeroed at 200 yards. I have never had to shoot farther than that for the elk I have harvested.If you shoot a lot and are comfortable making a long shot then go for it. The biggest thing to consider is how confident you are in your shooting ability and what range your gun is zeroed at.Good luck getting an elk. I just got back from Wyoming and didn't find a cow, which I had a tag for. But I did see some 6 point bulls, way cool. Have fun and don't take the shot unless you are sure it will be a clean kill.May you be blessed.
Comment at 1/25/2013

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