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Long Range Report: Local bite goes long range

BY GUNDY GUNDERSON/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Sep 17, 2019

American Angler lands 325-pound behemoth bluefin tuna

SAN DIEGO — With a slowing of the hot wahoo bite down below, the long range fleet focused on a terrific bite of yellowfin and bluefin tuna. With lots of larger bluefin tuna hitting the deck, topped by a 325-pound fish, the fleet could not ignore the bite despite the proximity to home port. The good fishing centered on a strong September full moon. The Ridge bite also turned to good yellowfin fishing and Guadalupe continued kick out quality yellowfin in a solid plunk bite.

AA lands super cow

ceasarandcrewaaCESAR AND AA CREW with a 325-pound super cow bluefin tuna. Photo courtesy of American Angler Sportfishing

The American Angler was on the local grounds fishing yellowfin and bluefin tuna. The sportfisher, with Capt. Ray Lopez at the helm, ran into a school of larger bluefin tuna and landed a 325-pound super cow. The skipper sent this report, “Things have been nothing but fun and exciting here today with flat calm weather and an all-day plunker on bluefin tuna. These last few days have been a true treat as we were able to drift with BITING bluefin tuna. Cesar had his 325, Talky, a 155, Will, a 150 and Mike with a 100 pounder. Fantastic quality and some heartbreak losses. We had lots of epic battles and these larger models wrecked some havoc, but still with our chins up."

Intrepid goes local

The Intrepid was on a rare mid-season 3-day but the timing could not be better, as a big spot of bluefin and yellowfin tuna was in local range. Capt. Sam Moore was at the wheel and sent this report, “We finished up our 3-day trip with a great morning on school-sized yellowfin and ended up with an amazing bite on beautiful 40- to 50-pound bluefin. We had great fishing on both yellowfin and bluefin throughout the trip. Jackpot winners go as follow, 3rd Place, Kirk Burns with a 44.8-pound bluefin, 2nd place, Davis Aldana, with a 46.5-pound bluefin and 1st place, Chris Kang with a 93.4-pound bluefin tuna.

Indy catches local

A QUALITY SCHOOLIE yellowfin tuna on the Independence. Photo courtesy of Independence Sportfishing

The Independence was also positioned to take advantage of the good local bite. The boat, under the guidance of Capt. Matt Kaullen, filed this report on the Phenix and Rodgers trip: “The yellowfin fishing was very good for us yesterday and we managed to obtain a good catch. We will be looking around in the bluefin zone today in hopes of more opportunities. We are off to a good start already and are anxious of what’s to come.”

The next day was a bluefin affair, “We had a great day of fishing today. We picked all-day at beautiful grade bluefin tuna from 40 to 60 pounds. The plan is to stay put in this great weather and give it another shot tomorrow.

The boat finished up and posted these jackpot winners: 1st place, Bret McCoy with a 62.4 bluefin tuna, 2nd place, Micheal Hakala with a 58.3 bluefin, and 3rd place, Joe Russo with a 55.1 bluefin tuna.

RP on local fish

bendoontherpBENDO ON THE RP. Photo courtesy of Royal Polaris Sportfishing

OVER THE RAIL with a ’hoo on the Royal Polaris. Photo courtesy of Royal Polaris Sportfishing

The Royal Polaris was another local vessel on the local grounds. The boat found terrific yellowfin tuna action on school fish to 35 pounds. Crewman Dharyl Shelbourne posted this report, “Today we had a good day of fishing. We caught yellowfin tuna on live bait, jigs, surface iron and chunk. Our day started off at around 0630 with our first hookup, and from then on we had steady fishing on good grade yellowfin tuna. Late in the day the kite was the top producer, with the guys throwing the popper coming in a solid second.”

Star on local bluefin

The Royal Star was focused on the larger bluefin and also found willing biters. Capt. Randy Toussaint was on the bridge and filed this report, “Drifted all day for limits of 40- to 50-pound bluefin and 25 yellowfin from 18 to 40 pounds. Stellar fishing overall with prospects looking very good for another month. We had 3 fish from 90 to 100 pounds with school yellowfin mixed in.”

Rooster at the ’lupe

The Red Rooster III was the only boat at Guadalupe Island this week, hosting a Larry Brown charter. The group found a good plunk bite with only minimal interference from the local shark population. Capt. Andy Cates posted the JP winners: 1st Place was a 127-pound yellowfin tuna caught by Herman Jones, 2nd Place was a 94-pound yellowfin tuna caught by Steven Picard and 3rd Place was a 84-pound yellowfin tuna caught by Micah Balleger.

Big X fishes short

YOUNG MASON WITH his first wahoo on the Excel. Photo courtesy of Excel Sportfishing

The Excel was also in local waters fishing a mix of yellowfin and bluefin tuna with Jerry’s group. The boat sent this report, “We've been very busy this morning catching yellowtail and school-sized yellowfin tuna. Jerry's trip is off to a great start"

The group moved down the line on the 8-day trip and found good mixed-bag fishing on the high spots that make up the Ridge. The boat filed this report: “Jerry's group had a good start in the gray on wahoo. After a good morning bite on yellowtail, the yellowfin tuna bite on the bank was outstanding.”

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