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Long Range Report: Trophy wahoo on the docket

More 70-pound fish hit the scales

BY GUNDY GUNDERSON/Special to Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Nov 05, 2019

SAN DIEGO — The long range fleet continued the excellent run of fall wahoo fishing this year with another solid week of fishing. The slightly fewer numbers were tempered by the terrific quality of fish landed including another gaggle of 70-pound slugs. The fish will bite a bit on the anchor when yellowfin fishing but the bulk of the catches have been made on the troll with a few jig and bait fish picked off on each stop. When the wahoo are down, the fishing for 30-to 40-pound yellowfin tuna has been outstanding.

Star speedsters

A 61-POUNDER landed by Eddie Sissom on the Royal Star. PHOTO COURTESY OF ROYAL STAR SPORTFISHING

STAR SPEEDSTERs, and good ones too.

The Royal Star was down on the Ridge looking for the chunky school yellowfin tuna and the quality wahoo. Capt. Brian Sims was at the wheel and filed this first report, “We started with some of the 20- to 40-pound grade tuna this morning. We then switched our focus to wahoo. We managed some short stops throughout the day. They werebeautiful fish, just not enough biters. We are headed south in search of more volume of wahoo.”

The next day, more work at catching wahoo, “We picked at the speedsters of the sea all day today. We had some slow periods and a couple of very good stops with our best being for 14. We will be here again tomorrow.”

Another day, more wahoo, “We spent another morning all by ourselves enjoying good wahoo fishing in spectacular weather. We spent the late afternoon moving up and playing with a few marlin (released). Eddie Sissom gets the big fish honors today with his 61-pound wahoo.”

RP chases ’hoo



The Royal Polaris was also down on the Ridge putting big wahoo on the deck. Capt. Roy Rose was piloting the big sportfisher. The boat filed this report, after a typical day on a fall 8-day trip, “Well, the beat goes on. We had another great day. Our morning started out with wahoo under the boat, and as sunrise was upon us, so were the wahoo. Most of the fish were in the same category as yesterday (40 to 60 pounds). After lunch we made a move to try our luck at some grouper. We arrived to the grouper grounds around 1400. Since we are still having excellent weather, the drift was slow. It took about an hour to find the rock that was holding. We ended up getting a few, and it was time to make a move further west.”

Angler and Ken's Custom Reels

The American Angler was on the annual Ken's Custom Reels 10-Day Trip with Capt. Brian Kiyohara at the helm. The group had terrific fishing for chunky yellowfin tuna and wahoo. The skipper filed this brief report, “Excellent fishing for slug wahoo and quality yellowfin tuna in excellent weather.”

At trip’s end, the boat sent this wrap, “The guys returned this morning with a spectacular catch of wahoo and tuna. They had beautiful weather, fantastic fishing and wonderful folks on board. It doesn't get much better than that. Our gratitude to Ken and Wes. Congrats to jackpot winners,1st place, Bill "Hurricane" Goodwin with a 64.6-pound wahoo, 2nd place, Charles Shaffer with a 49.8-pound wahoo and 3rd place, Larry Martin with a 49.2-pound wahoo. Honorable Mention: Chong Chang with a 64.2-pound wahoo.”

Rooster trolls up ’hoo

The Red Rooster III was another boat on the wahoo grounds catching trophy fish. Capt. Andy Cates was driving the boat and sent this report, “Started off the morning with excellent fishing on a good grade tuna. We started to get bit off by wahoo so we pulled anchor and got the trollers out. We immediately started scratching away at wahoo. We thought we had the troll jackpot settled with Ted Delacruz harvesting a 72.5 pounder but Terry Kitahara landed a monster weighing in at 76 pounds taking the lead for the trolling jacket.”

The final report, “We had a memorable day on the ridge experiencing both quality and quantity on dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna. A Nomad rigged with fluorocarbon leader instead of wire was hot. Steady action this afternoon on straight premium grade yellowfin. Clean fishing and easy to get a bite.”

Indy jackpot

GIRL POWER ON some big coastal yellowtail aboard the Indy. PHOTO COURTESY OF INDEPENDENCE SPORTFISHING

The Independence returned from the Catchy Tackle 10-Day Trip with an excellent catch of tuna and wahoo. The jackpot winners were 1st place John D'Ornellas with a 61.4-pound wahoo, 2nd place Norman Chibana with a 55-pound wahoo and 3rd place, Donald Ames with a 53.8-pound wahoo. Honorable mention was Matthew Ford with a 60.4-pound wahoo.

The big sportfisher was back out on the annual Melton Tackle Trip. The group got off to a fast start with the boat filing this report, “We had a banner start down here. We are feeling very fortunate for sure to roll into some great tuna fishing. The grade is fabulous, lots of 30-40 pounders. We sat on the anchor all day and scratched a few nice wahoo too. We hope for some more of the same.”

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