Published: Oct 13, 2010

DEER HUNTING improved during storm front - Englebright, fishing and hunting update



SACRAMENTO — Deer hunters who got out during the overcast and rain found the animals moving around well, and many scored on bucks.

This writer didn't get up to the X5a zone around Susanville until the end of the storm, but owner of Honey Lake Firearms and Guide Service, Jeff Cagle spent two days hunting hard, and found plenty of antelope and deer, but not the quality mule deer that I want. Another try is coming up this week.
Up in the Sierra high country above Wright's Lake, Mike Raynal shot a 221⁄2-inch buck that weighed 194 pounds live weight while hunting with Larry Hyder of Camino, who said there weren't many bucks up there, but a few nice ones.

Over by Englebright Reservoir, Dillon Davis at Skippers Cove Marina has been seeing a lot of bucks on the Spenceville Wildlife Area and around the lake itself.  There is public land on the lake open to hunting, so check in at the marina store or the Army Corps office for a map and list of special regulations — archery or shotgun only.

Davis and his dad hunted in the LaPorte area of D-3 and saw some big bucks and a lot of bears.  A 250-pound cinnamon-phase bear and a 6x6 buck were both spotted at the same time and both ran off before shots could be fired.

Dave Flournoy killed a big  22-inch 4x5 in X-6A near Antelope Lake and he saw pictures of a 30-inch buck that was killed off Hwy 70 in D-3.

Ed Dillard, Beckwourth Fireman and Davis Lake guide, validated a small forkie for a Folsom hunter on Sunday that was killed in the Sugar Loaf area.  One of Dillard's friends from the Bay Area, Ray G, shot a nice 3x3 in the Frenchman Lake area.  Both bucks were shot in X-6B.

John Corbett at Pro Sport Center in Eureka said that Deer hunting is still going strong in some of the B zones. On the final weekend of the B4 deer season, Corbett passed up a shot at a small forked horn. Customers reported good success from inland area in the B1 zone, one pair shooting two big forked horns.

Outdoor writer Terry Knight of Lakeport said that deer hunters are hoping for rain to improve the hunting in the B zones. Many of the deer are still at the higher elevations and it will take some bad weather to get them moving, he said.

Quail hunters in the Mendocino National Forest report quail are everywhere and that includes both valley and mountain quail. One area that has been producing good numbers of mountain quail has been the Bear Creek area. The Lake Pillsbury area also has been providing good quail hunting, according to Knight.

Down in Central California above Fresno, Chuck Crane of Wishon Village Resort, said that 24 deer have been brought into the store this year. He said a small 3 pointer was brought in on Saturday, and that most of the bucks were small ones. There's still another three weeks left for the D7 season.

Englebright Reservoir offering improved trout action, deer hunting

By Pat Young/WON Staff Writer

SMARTSVILLW — Englebright Reservoir fishermen are seeing an improvement in the trout fishing in the upper reaches of the lake and hunters can find some nice bucks along the shores of this small foothill impoundment on the Yuba River, which is in the D-3 deer zone.

“Trout fishing has been fantastic,” said Dillon Davis at Skippers Cove Marina. “The trout appear to be spreading out from the confines of the marina and are being caught all the way up to Buck’s Beach by trollers and bait drifters. The trollers are having better luck in the marina and by the dam using a simple flasher/worm combo. In the upper section of the lake, drifters are picking up lots of 10- to 15-inch rainbows on Power Bait/worm combos fished near the bottom.”

Davis mentioned that he had been seeing some nice bucks around the lake recently and that two hunters had killed two small forkies in recent weeks. There is a lot of public land around the lake that can be accessed by boat, but hunters need to check in at the marina store or at the Army Corps of Engineer’s office to pick up a map of the open lands to avoid trespass problems. Davis also said that only archery equipment and shotguns are legal for use on the Corps property accessed by boat.

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