Published: Oct 18, 2010

NORCAL SALT REPORTS: Game on for northern albacore chasers


Eureka tuna chasers tap wide open tuna

EUREKA — A warm belt of water that pushed in above Point Arena brought an amazing number of tuna in close for anglers fishing out of Fort Bragg, Shelter Cove and Eureka. Eureka anglers found their fish about 35 miles out, said John Corbett at the Pro Sport Center.

“Our local newspaper editor went out with Tim Klassen on Reel Steel, and they ripped ‘em,” said Corbett. “When they had 30 fish, they cleaned up the boat and decided to call it quits. On the way back in, they spotted a big boil, and decided to go again.” That feeding frenzy stop put another 20 fish on the deck. The final count on Reel Steel was 56 fish.

“The boats went Wednesday and Thursday,” said Corbett. “The commercial albacore fleet came in last weekend, hiding from the weather, but they were able to get back out on Tuesday.” The commercial fleet fished farther out, and had great action as well.

WON subscriber Lonnie Dollarhide said private boater Casey Van Aleta of Trinidad ran out 40 miles for their wide open bite that produced 26 fish, all from 25 to 30 pounds. “He said tuna were everywhere!” said Dollarhide.

Game on for northern albacore chasers

Fort Bragg albacore found at 18 miles

FORT BRAGG — While the charter operations are pretty much shut down in Fort Bragg, anglers on private boats tapped a hot albacore bite, with some interesting exotics showing up in the catch. Captain Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sportfishing struggled on a tuna trip on his boat out of Bodega Bay, but had the chance to run out of Fort Bragg with a friend on a private boat.

“We had a crew trip with Jeff “the Dogcatcher” Clemens on his Osprey,” said Powers. “On Thursday, we headed out and at 18 miles out on a 57- to 58-degree edge, we caught 14  albacore.” The fish were all quality. “These fish were the biggest average I’ve ever seen, all 30 to 35 pounds, with one weighing 40 pounds.”

Dana Amundsen of Sebastopol caught a 39 pounder, while Atsushi Yamashita of Bodega Bay pulled in a 40 pounder. Clemens big fish went 35 pounds, said Powers.

WON reader Steve Senkel of Rancho Cucamonga headed up to pick up his boat that he left during salmon season in July. “After checking a Terrafin report showing a temp break 20 miles out, and seeing a flat ocean, we decided to go out and chase albacore.” They hooked tuna in the 30-pound class, but also caught a pair of California yellowtail. “I’ve caught plenty of yellowtail in Southern California waters. I have fished Fort Bragg for 14 years and have never heard of or seen yellowtail.”

Game on for northern albacore chasers

Non-stop albacore on at Shelter Cove
By Bud Neville/WONews Staff Writer

SHELTER COVE — With water levels higher than they’ve been in years, Collins Lake Resort has decided to do a fall trout planting program this year starting in mid-October. Plants will continue until the end of November and hopefully will extend their busy season into the

Striper limits in San Pablo Bay


POINT SAN PABLO — Excellent striped bass fishing was on tap for anglers on the Fury all week, with limits every trip out, reported Captain Frank Miller. “Bass fishing is very good. We fished during the week and caught limits, then went out on the weekend for more bass limits.”

In fact, on Saturday, the four anglers on board also drifted a few baits at Paradise and hooked 3 halibut, said Miller. Jason Trevino of Sacramento caught big flattie, a 15 pounder. On Sunday, it was all about the bass with six anglers getting limits of linesides.

“We’ve got live bait to last through the month,” said Miller, but the bass have been hitting hair jigs. “We caught them on white jigs, green jigs, white jigs with red heads, long green tails… it’s just very good fishing!”

Halibut showing promise for bay anglers

Western Outdoor News

BERKELEY — With live bait still available, and halibut numbers returning to enticing levels, anglers out of Berkeley have been scoring some good action on flatties and striped bass, most of the action coming from the north side, as far up as San Pablo Bay.

“We caught 20 halibut and 4 striped bass up in San Pablo Bay on Sunday,” said Captain James Smith on the California Dawn. “On Saturday, we fished the Farallon Islands, finding limits of rockfish for 28 guys, plus 25 lingcod.” He had a crew and friends trip on Thursday that targeted big cow sharks, his brother Chris Smith of Ninilchik, AK, catching the big one that weighed 145 pounds. They also had soupfins weighing up to 65 pounds.

Scott Sutherland at Berkeley Sportfishing said the rest of the fleet has been mixing up the action between halibut in the bay and bottomfish outside the bay. A recent trip on the New Easy Rider found 14 halibut to 18 pounds and 12 stripers to 10 pounds for 13 anglers. Live bait is still available at the Berkeley receivers for both party and private boats, bait man Jim Holloway staying open seven days a week, at least until the end of the month.

Farallones ling bite up and down

Western Outdoor News

EMERYVILLE — While rockfish numbers remain stable on the Farallon Island trips offered by the Emeryville Sportfishing Center’s fleet (limits the rule), the ling count has been fluctuating, with single digit counts some days, and nearly one around on the highliners.

The Captain Hook fished Friday, finding the highest lingcod count for the fleet, 15 lings for 17 anglers, plus rockfish limits. The New Huck Finn had 26 rockfish limits and 2 lings that day, but the day before scored 26 limits of rockfish and 12 lings. The New Salmon Queen and New Seeker joined the island party on Saturday, both getting rockfish limits and 10-plus lingcod counts. One of the bigger lings caught weighed 18 pounds and hit for Yu Ming Wang of Oakland, who fished on the New Salmon Queen.

Not all of the boats are heading out the Golden Gate, the Aku Nui chose stripers and halibut on Saturday, finding limits of bass to 11 pounds, and two halibut to 8 pounds. The Emeryville boats have plenty of live bait to last through the year.

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