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Central CA Freshwater Fishing Report

New Melones trouting still 'amazing'

By RON WILSON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 08, 2012

ANGELS CAMP — Melanie Lewis of Glory Hole Sports said the trout bite continues to be amazing at New Melones Reservoir and she is still seeing a lot of nice, colorful holdovers as well as planters.


Trout are right up in the shallows spawning and bank anglers have been using Berkley Power Bait, Power Eggs, or Gulp Bait in pink, chartreuse and rainbows to make their catches. A marshmallow/’crawler combo or a ’crawler inflated with a worm blower is also a good choice.


It is important that your bait floats. Use small hooks and light leader, and test your bait in the shallows before tossing it out.


To catch bigger fish try using minnow-like lures such as Rapala CD7 or CD9, or a shad-patterned spoon such as a Kastmaster or Excel. On overcast days, gold and brightly painted lures will generally attract more fish than silver and natural colored baits, as these will work better on clear days.


Trolling anglers have been catching nice fish upriver beyond Parrotts Ferry, as well as, in the south side of the lake. Tie on small flashers or dodgers such as a Sep's Sidekick with a Nightcrawler 3 to 5 feet behind. Try using a small spinner in front of the ’crawler, like a Wedding Ring. It is very important to use light line when the water is so clear, because the fish don't see it and your lures will have better action. A 3- to 5-foot piece of 4- to 6-pound fluorocarbon will do the trick. The smaller fish are biting on the surface and the bigger fish are down at 15-25 feet.


Bass fishing has been pretty good. Most fish are being caught on main lake structure from 25 to 65 feet deep. Don’t forget to try shallow, as the fish do move up to feed as the water warms up. The average size spotted bass is 2 pounds, and most anglers are catching fish using shad-patterned worms on a drop-shot rig and jigs.


The Department of Fish and Game planted another load of trout in the lake last week.

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