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Delta anglers finding plenty of salmon and stripers

BY ROBIN WADE/WON Staff WriterPublished: Sep 08, 2011

FREEPORT — Salmon having been pouring into the Delta for the past few weeks, but seem to be making a bee-line for the middle and upper sections of the Sacramento River, where resident stripers are also seeing plenty of attention.


Capt. Mike Gravert of Intimidator Sportfishing reports continued success on salmon fishing in the middle section of the Sacramento River and said he has been putting in at Garcia Bend.


“We are still concentrating our efforts from the Sacramento Yacht Harbor at the north end, down to Clarksburg,” Gravert said. “I'm not sure why there are still so many fish, but there have been fish landed every day for the last three weeks. There are some slow days mixed in but it's a great salmon bite like we haven't seen in years for this time of year.”


Gravert said he is still using a combination of K15 or K16 Kwikfish early as the sun is coming up and then switching over to Blade Runners and Slammer Minnows spoons until the heat and party boaters run him off the water. “Then we go home for the day and come right back out for the evening bite,” he said.


“The other good news is that a lot of boaters will be putting their boats away after this weekend and we will have the waters all to ourselves again,” Gravert said. While that may be true, with a good striper bite developing again, Gravert and the horde of other anglers out there now will also have to compete with the striped bass anglers for water.


Richard Witham from New Roman’s Bait & Tackle said the salmon appear to be shooting through the lower system, and that he has been taking five or six photos every day at the New Roman store and said other stores were doing the same. “This school has been here for a week solid and fish have been from 16 to 26 pounds,” Witham said.


“Bank anglers are using Flying C’s and Blue Foxes, while the angler sitting on anchor are jigging or using a Flatfish with a sardine wrap,” Witham said. “Trollers are using Silvertons and some use a FlatFish but jigging and spooning have been the best. Limits are coming in daily with a mix of jacks and chromers. From Walnut Grove to the mouth of the American River has been the most productive area but it’s all getting better every day.”


“A lot of stripers never left the Rio Vista area and with colder water, they have also been responding well,” Witham said. “From Freeport Bridge, up at Garcia Bend, and down to Rio Vista, anglers are finding limits with live bait to 11 pounds and fish from 5 to 8 pounds are being taken on a regular basis using mud suckers.” As popular as salmon fishing has been, there seem to be just as many striper anglers back out there now.

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