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Northern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Clear Lake clearly the best bet

BY ROBIN WADE/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 23, 2012

KELSEYVILLE — With some areas of Clear Lake already holding in the 52- to 53-degree range and waters clearing quickly, anglers can “see” that bass are already showing signs of moving into shallower waters.

“Fish are starting to pick up in size for most anglers and we are seeing signs of more fish moving up into shallower water,” bass guide Ross England said. “It is still a little early in the season, but with the warm, sunny days; a few fish are beginning the move into nearby staging areas by the spawning grounds.”

England said bass can still be caught in deep water on structure and one of the more effective methods has been with 6- to 8-inch swimbaits such as the Top Hook Talon, Baitsmith, or the Huddleston Deluxe in light rainbow, shad, or hitch patterns. “In the coming weeks. anglers will begin to start throwing some of the traditional pre-spawn baits such as rattlebaits, swimbaits and ripbaits in 4 to 8 feet of water on the upper end of the lake,” England said.

“For the angler who don't want to work that hard, live bait will be an effective presentation all through the next few months,” England said. “Whether fished fly lined or under a slip float, once anglers locate some of the staging areas, the fight will be on. Key areas include the state park, the tule lined bays from the state park to Lakeport, Rodman Slough, and the Clearlake Oakes Keyes. For those who don't want to work hard but also don't want to use live bait; drop-shotting a plastic worm, shaking a worm or a weightless Senko will all become more effective presentations in the coming weeks.”

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