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Northern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Clear Lake fishing cooled down with wind

BY ROBIN WADE/WON Staff WriterPublished: May 30, 2013

KELSEYVILLE — High winds in the 20-mph range at Clear Lake and a drop-off in air temperatures this past week toughened the bass bite. Combined with the upper end getting heavily weeded up – it’s been much harder to get a bait in front of fish. 

“I am still working wacky rigged Senkos from the bank out to 8 and 10 feet for most of our fish,” Bassin’ with Bob (Myskey) said. “I tried topwater baits this past week with no success. It will take at least a few more weeks for fish to rest up from the spawn before they start to actively feed, and then the topwater bite will pick up.”

MINNOW BASS — Clear Lake bassin’ has been good, and Dave Delgado caught this 7.2 pounder in the north end of the lake on a jumbo minnow while fishing with guide Bob Myskey of Bassin’ with Bob.

Myskey said all of the fish he caught this past week were post spawned fish in the 3- to 4-pound range with only one solid 6 pounder in the mix. “Boat traffic has been minimal, but Memorial Day weekend brought a lot of people and boats to the lake to enjoy our good water conditions. Things will get back to normal next week and we should see the bite steadily improve as the post spawn fish start to feed again.”   

“Most of the tournament circuits are winding down for the summer, but we do have the $100,000 WON tournament hitting the lake June 10-12,” Myskey said. “This tournament will draw most of the ‘Heavy Hitters’ from the West Coast and will be a big event, so the lake will get very busy in the next few weeks.”

“As we go into June, a whole new host of baits and techniques will start to work,” Myskey said. “Tournament anglers will be throwing big topwater baits, wake baits, chatterbaits, frogs, you name it and they will be throwing and the great thing is, almost any of it will work this time of the year. Although a vast majority of the fish have spawned or attempted to spawn, there will still be spawning fish through June.”

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