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Norterhn CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Sandbar blocking mouth of Klamath breached, lots of steelhead going upstream

BY JIM JONES/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jan 05, 2012

KLAMATH GLEN — Anglers have been lamenting the dearth of fresh runs of steelhead on most of the lengths of the Trinity and Klamath rivers, but the answer became clear last week with the huge sandbar which has been blocking the mouth. However, last week, the sandbar was breached by earthmoving equipment, and a storm brought needed higher flows back to the Klamath.

“The river went  up about 10 feet and was being blocked by about a 12- to 20-foot sandbar,” Rich Mossholder of Rivers West Guide Service said. “Water was even coming into some of the resorts. The bar was breached last week, though, and then we got a lot of rain. Fresh steelhead and even some salmon have been just flying up the river.” Mossholder said the lower Klamath was high and muddy because of the rain, but it was clearing fast and should be fishable again soon, barring more rain.   

"We had been getting a strong storm surge which was pushing sand into the mouth, but no rain. Now that the mouth is open, the steelhead are running into and up the river," Mossholder said.  

On the upper Klamath, fly fishers have been fishing nymphs under indicators, but backtrolling Hot Shots and drifting nightcrawlers and roe has been more effective in the cool conditions. Anglers have been catching up to half a dozen adults to about 5 pounds and as many more half-pounders and native trout. Fishing pressure has been very light.

On the Trinity, fishing has been very slow except in the upper stretch above Junction City. Pressure is somewhat heavier, but not bad  during the week. Fly fishers are using rubberlegs, prince nymphs, Copper Johns, birds’ nests, Foxes  Poopahs, and pheasant Tails.   

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