Northern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Klamath River salmon run breaks loose with influx of cool Trinity water

BY JIM JONES/WON Staff WriterPublished: Aug 22, 2012

KLAMATH GLEN — All it takes is water, lots of nice cool water. Steve Huber of Steve Huber’s Guide Service said that fishing on the lower Klamath River really improved last week as the release of extra water from the Lewiston Dam hit the Klamath, cooling it down and spurring a push of new salmon from the ocean.  

He said that things really improved with the cooler water, especially  the arrival of adult Chinook salmon in good numbers for the first time this season. But, fishing for steelhead continued to be good, too, although it’s been an early morning bite, turning off after a couple of hours as the sun rises higher in the sky.  

Huber said that anglers are filling their 4-fish salmon limits with a couple of adults plus jacks salmon. The adults are nice and big ranging from 13 to 25 pounds. His son, Jordan, caught one on Sunday just shy of 30 pounds.  

“He was one smiling dude,” Huber said. The fishing is good from Blue Creek on down, and even the bank fishermen are scoring near the mouth.  

Huber has been sidedriftingt and boondogging roe for both the steelhead and salmon hitting holes anywhere from the 101 Bridge up.  Starwin, Brooks, Cleveland — all have fish.

KLAMATH STEELIE — Steelhead fishing has been good on the Klamath River, with some jack salmon moving in, too. "Out best day was Thursday with 12 adult steelhead and one hatchery steelie weighing in at 11 pounds," said guide Steve Huber. Norlito Soriano Jr. of Sunnyvale landed the big fish at Starwein Riffle using roe.

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