Northern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Trout, Bass and Catfish: Biting at Lake Del Valle

BY JIM JONES/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 17, 2013

LIVERMORE — The bait fish population, particularly shad, has been exploding at Lake Del Valle, and, as a result, fishing for all its game fish species--trout, striped bass, bass, and even catfish got even better last week according to Bob Stambaugh of Lake Del Valle Recreation Area. The continuing weekly plants of trout haven’t hurt, either.

East Beach, Hetch Hetchy, Heron Bay, the Narrows, Swallow Bay and the dam have been some of the trout fishing hot spots, and both trollers as well as bait fishermen have been scoring limits and near limits. Power Bait and Mice Tails were  particularly good baits for trout last week.

DEL VALLE LUNKER — Anthony Magretto of Livermore caught this 9.4-pound largemouth bass at the lower Narrows of Lake Del Valle using a drop-shot rig on March 31.

“We opened an 8-pound catfish’s stomach and at least 50 shad were in it,” he said, “and it still hit the anchovy.” Bass have been biting lures like Rat-L-Traps, as well as swimbaits, crankbaits and Senkos. Stripers who are hitting topwater lures such as Lunker Plunkers, and Zara Spooks, but anchovies are still the top bait as Kenny Khu landed a 20 pounder from Heron Bay using anchovies. Stambaugh said the catfish bite has really livened up, after a slow winter with anchovies, mackerel and shad all attracting bites. Ashley Lotscher of Livermore landed an 8.5 pounder from Heron Bay using anchovies.

Stambaugh reminded anglers that there is a fishing derby this weekend, so the lake has gotten an extra “helping” of trout.  

The water temperature has risen to 60 degrees at the dock. The water clarity is getting a lot better. Out towards Heron Bay you can see approximately 15 to 20 feet down. In the south areas you can see about 4 feet down.

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