Northern CA Freshwawter Fishing Report

Lake Berryessa’s back!

BY ROBIN WADE/WON Staff WriterPublished: Mar 07, 2012

NAPA — It’s been a long, quiet winter at Lake Berryessa but this past weekend the parking lot at Markley Cove started to fill up again as word of huge king salmon and bass moving up began to spread.

“It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be for bass fishing, we had great weather but only 2 largemouth bass,” bass guide Donald Paganelli said. “I was here the previous week and we found the smallies on beds, and caught some huge ones. This past weekend they were gone. The largemouth we caught on a green pumpkin tube with red flake. We had several other bites and lost them. Some were up in 10 feet while the others where in 20 feet of water.”

“We started in the main body on the east side and worked our way down to the Narrows,” Paganelli said. “Lake Berryessa is always one of the first lakes to show signs of life early and the lake is in transition. My favorite bait this early is a grub fished on a 1/8-ounce dart head jig but they did not want that yet, or at least not today (Sunday).”

“Yesterday, there were 60 trailers in the Markley Cove parking lot,” Paganelli said. “I guess the word got out about the great king salmon bite because that’s what most were targeting. They have been catching king salmon to 6 pounds, trolling Markley Cove and out by the dam. I asked on anglers at the launch what he was using and he said Hoochies and Sep’s dodgers in 16 to 20 feet, so the water temperatures are starting to mix. The bait are moving back into the cove as well.”  

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