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Pine Flat continues to kick out limits of spots, largemouth bass

By DAVE HURLEY/WON Staff Writer Published: Nov 29, 2018

PIEDRA — After the team of Gary Wasson and Joe Baeza posted a huge limit over 20 pounds during the recent Clovis Police Foundation tournament at Pine Flat, Wasson went back on the lake to erase any doubt of their accomplishment with a 16-pound limit the following day, only to top that with a 20.78-pound limit the next Saturday.

The big limits are the exception, however, as the larger grade of fish are holding in the upper river, but an 8- to 10-pound limit is the rule in the main lake.

lunkerlargemouthLUNKER LARGEMOUTH — There are some big bass coming out of Pine Flat Reservoir near the Fresno area where Gary Wasson and Joe Baeza of Visalia caught largemouth to 7.5 pounds.

Steve Newman of Valley Rod and Gun in Clovis said, “The better fish are coming up the river, but there is a ton of bait in the main lake, and the bass are clearly oriented to the bait. Working vertical presentations such as a shakey head, Ned, or Neko-rig in the main lake at 40 to 60 feet has been effective, and many of our anglers are switching over to half-moon weights and bouncing these off of the rocks. The jig bite is best up the river arm, and the largemouth bass are holding in the warmer water at 30 feet and above primarily eating crawdads while the spots are down deeper chasing the deep shad schools.”

The better quality largemouths are found in small groups while the spots and largemouth bass from 3.5 pounds and under are found schooled in the same areas, he said. The fish are chasing bait in the river arm as the water levels are low, but the reaction bite has been absent. The key is keeping contact with the bottom as the fish aren’t chasing, but they will eat if you put it in their face. The drop-shot bite has also been virtually non-existent as well.

Newman continues to advise boaters to be particularly careful while running at high speeds near the main lake points or edges as there are unmarked hazards just below the surface. Edison Point is especially potentially dangerous with 6 inches of water over the unmarked hazard.

The lake rose slightly to 26 percent.

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