Northern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Englebright gets trophy trout released by Skippers Cove Marina

BY PAT YOUNG/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 05, 2012

SMARTVILLE — The trophy trout reared by Skippers Cove Marina at Englebright Reservoir were released over two days this past week to make room for seasonal boat slip renters. Lisa Rogers at Skippers Cove said there were approximately 600 fish from 4 to 8 pounds in the four pens that were towed out of the marina to sites around the lake.

“We decided to release the trophy rainbows we had been raising all winter this past week while there was a break in the weather,” Rogers said. “We towed two pens across the lake from the marina, and the other two up lake to Black’s Ravine for release because we wanted the fish to disperse out into the lake as quickly as possible. Even though there was no one around when we dumped the fish, the word got out and anglers were fishing in the marina in hopes of catching one of the big rainbows.”  

There were a lot of DFG planter trout swimming free in the marina that were feeding on the food that made it out of the pens, so there could be some pretty nice fish still holding in the marina!

Rogers said that Skippers Cove Marina would be sponsoring another trophy trout rearing program in the fall. Rogers went on to say that she was planning on buying even larger fish to start with, so there would be fish over 10 pounds released a year from now.

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