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Northern CA Freshwater Fishing Report

Hot bite at Lake McClure!

By RON WILSON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 12, 2012

SNELLING — Now is the time for bass fishermen to go to Lake McClure to get in on the hot bite, as Joe Ryan of Waterford and this reporter fished the Lake recently and had a great day of catching over 60 bass.

We launched at South Barretts Cove launch ramp and headed across the lake to a big rock pile. Joe started off with Senkos, spinnerbaits and lizards with no luck while I used a 1/16-ounce darthead painted fire engine red with a 6-inch WB001R worm and started catching fish after missing the first 3 bites. The spots were 6 to 15 feet deep and the water had come up a couple feet in the last week since Joe had been there, he said.

We headed to Temperance and Joe put on a darthead, I gave him a worm and he soon had his first bass of the day. "My first darthead fish," he said. I said "it is my type of bite and style today, as I reeled in another spotted bass."

We had some foul ups during the early morning, but we finally got our act together and started bringing in bass two at a time and sometimes 3. I usually drag a pole behind the boat, as I have a 2-rod stamp. My drag pole was a live nightcrawler with a cork set 15 feet deep trying to catch trout. I lost one trout and caught 7 to 10 bass that way.

We made lots of moves, catching fish during the day. My most memorable part of the day was when my 99-year-old mother, Ruby called to check on me. Phone in one hand and a 4-pound-plus jumping largemouth bass in the other, and peeling 8-pound test line off the reel, it got exciting for a few moments. She was glad I was doing good and catching fish.

Joe and I put together a largemouth bass fishing pattern, and the largemouth we found were in 10 to 15 feet of water and all the way in the back of almost every lake neck we went into. I think the bigger largemouth bass were staging before they moved on up to spawn.

Joe guessed we must have caught a hundred fish today. I told him I didn’t think so, as I did not count them, but I know between the two of us we had a solid 60 to 70 fish day and our 5 biggest would of totaled 14-plus pounds.

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