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Two Truckee area lakes UNSAFE for ice fishing!

BY PAT YOUNG/WON Staff WriterPublished: Mar 01, 2012

TRUCKEE — With the continued warm day-time temps seen in recent weeks, it was inevitable that ice would thin at some of the local lakes and make ice fishing unsafe. This past week, with the record highs, Boca Reservoir and Prosser Reservoir both developed unsafe ice fishing conditions.

“The ice at Boca is just too unsafe for ice fishing,” Brian Nylund at Mountain Hardware and Sports announced. “There are only patches of ice showing at the dam right now and ice fishing will definitely be over for the foreseeable future unless we get a long, hard cold spell here. There is a cold front forecast for this week, but we’re only supposed to see 2 to 4 inches of snow out of it — not enough to make a big difference in the ice.”  Nylund said that shore fishing was possible at the inlet and mid-lake where there was open water.

“Prosser Reservoir is unsafe for ice fishing, too,” Nylund said. “The whole lake is still frozen over, but the ice is just too thin for safe fishing. Some guys are still chancing it, but they taking a chance with their lives! It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to ice fishing.”  Nylund said there was no open water showing at Prosser, so shore fishing was not possible.

Donner Lake and Stampede Reservoir have been open all winter and boaters can get on either lake. It does take a chained 4-wheel drive to get a boat into Stampede, but Donner has much less of a problem with ice on the boat ramp.

Call Mountain Hardware and Sports for the latest conditions at (530) 587-4844. A storm was forecast for mid-week.

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