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Suisun Bay sturgeon bite variable, but improved throughout the week

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 20, 2012

BENICIA/MARTINEZ — The fishing week around Suisun Bay began slowly before picking up speed to coincide with the velocity of increasing tidal currents, which suggest better fishing in the week ahead. It is time to go fishing.

Capt. Steve Talmadge fished his charterboat, Flash, out of Benicia, concentrating on the productive area from the Benicia Bridge to Grizzly Bay and near Benicia Buoy. While the sturgeon bite is up and down like a yo-yo, there is general improvement supported by better tides over the weekend and into the new week. One day the count was all shakers and the next day would see nice keepers such as the 59 incher caught by John Kelkbrew near the green Benicia Buoy.

“The best bait is eel/grass shrimp combo. Deeper water is producing more fish and the end of the outgoing tide has been the best time for us,” reported Capt. Talmadge.

Lisa Resentes of Martinez Marina Bait & Tackle told WON the story of 8-year-old Tyler Finamore from San Leandro who caught his first keeper sturgeon, a 53-inch brute that may have been longer than the lad was tall. “Tyler worked an eel bait and pulled for all he was worth to boat the big fish,” reported Resentes who also noted that most fish this week came from Benicia bridge or from near the first row of ships.

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