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Bass and a halibut caught inside San Francisco Bay

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 13, 2018

 Herring spawn at Richmond

BERKELEY — A decent variety of options existed for San Francisco Bay area anglers, both from shore and from boats. Herring spawned at Richmond, which made runs to San Pablo Bay for sturgeon and bass popular, and there were bass and even a halibut caught in the Bay. Crabbers had success both inside and outside the Gate.

AN EARLY SEASON halibut was caught in San Francisco Bay aboard the Argo out of San Francisco by Danny DeAlba of San Francisco. He enticed this 27-inch halibut to munch an anchovy in the upper bay.

A herring spawn has a way of raising wintertime excitement. Ed Lu at Bay Tackle reported that a good herring spawn happened during the week and people were catching them from shore. By the weekend the herring had moved off of the shoreline just far enough that catching them required a floating device to fish from.

Fisherman’s Wharf had boats at the ready. Bass Tub is back and taking reservations for immediate trips according to Capt. Aaron Anfinson. Lovely Martha and Wacky Jacky are ready. A great trip to the North Bay onboard Argo resulted in bass and a nice 27-inch halibut taken by Danny DeAlba while fishing an anchovy.

Crabbing was fair and at times a bit better for boaters willing to invest some time in long soaks. Catches came from both inside and outside the Gate, with the bigger numbers coming from outside.

Perching inside the Bay was good and at times excellent. The major catches were pogies, rubberlip and split tails. A couple of very popular hotspots were Point Richmond and at Berkeley behind Costco. Alameda Rock Wall is normally on the list of hotspots for a perch bite, however there were few reports from the Wall.

WON asked Ed Lu at Bay Tackle what he knew about plans to repair and reopen Berkeley Pier. Lu said, “They said back in late summer that that have the money for repair. We all hope they are working through an RFP process with contractors and that our iconic pier will be reopened. I don’t know if they will put a restaurant out there, but we hope so.”

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