Northern CA Saltwater Fishing Report

Salmon in one direction and sturgeon in the other for boats out of Berkeley

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 23, 2012

BERKELEY — Boats hunting salmon from Berkeley headed through the Gate and spread out, while boats seeking sturgeon went up-Bay to fish the murky waters near freshwater inflows.

The Happy Hooker, skippered by Capt. Jim Smith, found the right water and therefore the fish, about 8 miles west of Pescadero where they commenced trolling for salmon with 10 to 15 mph winds blowing under clear skies over murky water. The bait of choice was harnessed anchovies. The result was 9 fish, ranging from just legal on up to 15 pounds, for 18 people.

“The 15 pounder was caught by Micky Reed from Reno who was out on his first ocean fishing trip,” said WON Correspondent, Dave Marquardt aboard the Happy Hooker. The big fish certainly elated Reed, but then two lost fish taught him the patience we all need for fishing. Several people caught limits including Bob Rankin of Martinez and Keith Kneppel of Sacramento.

Berkeley Marina Sportfishing also scored well. On Friday the New Easy Rider had 17 salmon for 15 anglers to 16 pounds. The New El Dorado III had 17 salmon for 14 anglers to 14 pounds. Both boats fished the south side of Deep Reef.

“Frozen herring and anchovies is what all we use,” said Scott Sutherland from Berkeley Marina Sportfishing. "Sometimes we throw flashers off the back, but normally it’s straight bait. On Saturday, the New Easy Rider, El Dorado, and New El Dorado III had a combined 54 passengers and caught 108 salmon up to 18 pounds. All were caught off Pigeon Point and boats were tied up back in the harbor by 3:30 p.m.

Capt. Jack Marshall, skipper of the charter boat, Blondie, reported, ”We had one 48-inch sturgeon for three rods over 5 hours using well wrapped frozen mud shrimp.” Capt. Marshall uses a special technique, utilizing “magic thread” to wrap his frozen baits to keep them on the hook much longer.

KYLE’S CATCH — Kyle Deutsche of Piedmont was fishing aboard the El Dorado on Sunday, April 15, when caught this 10 pounder at the Farallon Islands. The ocean salmon season has started out hot!

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