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Dungeness crab, rockfish and lingcod fill up SF Bay area boats

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Nov 14, 2017

BERKELEY — Reports were enticingly consistent from San Francisco Bay Area boats: Good counts of healthy Dungeness, rockfish and lingcod on trips to the Marin Coast or Farallon Islands. Fishing inside the Bay was good for striped bass or leopard sharks.

dungenesscrabseasonopenedDUNGENESS CRAB SEASON opened up, and crab pots are being dropped all up and down the coast, with the results being fat, tasty Dungeness crab. The California Dawn with Capt. James Smith at the helm got into them big time on opening day.

Capt. Aaron Anfinson on Bass Tub out of Fisherman’s Wharf reported that on Saturday the boat fished the coast with 19 passengers who ended up with three-quarter limits of rockfish, 19 lingcod to 15 pounds and one 15-pound halibut caught by Brian Kyono. Hitting the fish per rod mark on lingcod along the coast was the mark of a great day. On Sunday the total was limits of rockfish and crabs plus 5 lingcod for 16 people.

Also out of Fisherman’s Wharf, Lovely Martha ran combo trips with full limits of both Dungeness crabs and rockfish plus some lingcod thrown in, with nice, full passenger counts. The Flash boats, Flash I and Flash II prepared to make the move to Martinez where they will put a hurt on sturgeon for the winter season, returning to Fisherman’s Wharf in the springtime for salmon and halibut.

Andy Guiliano at FishEmeryville landing said, “It’s all about Dungeness crab combos this week. New Huck Finn, Sea Wolf and New Salmon Queen scored daily limits of great quality crab and limits and near limits of rockfish at the Farallon Islands. The crab are big and meaty and super sweet.”

Rockfish were primarily a mix of blues, olives and browns. The scores also included anywhere from 5-20 lingcod per boat. Charterboat Dragon has been happily hammering away on sturgeon. On Monday Capt Hayden scored limits of diamondbacks for his 5 anglers! Both Sundance and Dragon are running Bay sturgeon trips right now fishing San Pablo Bay and the lower Delta. Emeryville boats will be running daily through the end of the year, providing plenty to do through the holidays.

Berkeley boat California Dawn ran the Gate and found the hotspots. Counts were full limits of crabs and rockfish and also nearly a lingcod per person. Out of Berkeley Charter Boats, El Dorado caught 760 crabs for 76 people on two crab-only trips Sunday. New El Dorado III had limits of crab, 3/4-limits of rockfish and nearly one lingcod per person at the Farallones. Jeremiah Conner caught a 16-pound lingcod onNew El Dorado III and Nick Whittier had a 19 pounder on El Dorado.

The week was off the hook aboard Happy Hooker, which made it to the Islands consistently to produce great rockfish and lingcod numbers. Trish Feiling got a 10-pound lingcod. Heavy crab pots yielded limits for all customers and crew, and projected a strong fishery through the season. If ever there was a time to get out and enjoy this bounty it is now, because heavy sacks and smiling faces says it all, said Capt. Sarah Robertson.

mussleupMUSSLE UP — Cole Roberts of San Francisco fished aboard the Wacky Jacky out of San Francisco to catch this nice king salmon while fishing hear Mussel Rock before the season closed.

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