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Bodega Bay: Crab pots holding plenty in Bodega Bay

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 04, 2020

BODEGA BAY — When weather allowed oceanic adventures, Bodega Bay boats got out after crab and pulled limits of healthy crab. Shore fishing for perch, rockfish and crab was good enough to draw a fair number of participants.

IT WAS CRAB limits (40) for the entire boat aboard the Reel Magic out of Bodega Bay with Capt. Merlin Kolb at the wheel, and that included Mike Obester of David, girlfriend Ling Chen of Gurangdong, China, and Mel Springs of Petaluma. They pulled only 8 pots in 180 feet of water and used jarred mackerel and squid for bait.

New Sea Angler went out Friday with 12 people and pulled easy limits of healthy Dungeness crab to 3 pounds. There was no wind or swell and the sea was delightfully nice. Then Capt. Rick Powers packed the family and headed for Fresno for a fun family event. His daughter Maren Powers is in her senior year at Fresno State and is the President of the school Rodeo Team for two years running. The competitions are fun events and the family has a great time. WON wishes you success, Maren!

Another Bodega Bay boat that was active during the week was Reel Magic. Capt. Merlin Kolb said, “Big beautiful Dungeness crab! We had great action and amazing weather. Mike Obester from Davis, his girlfriend Ling Chen (all the way from Guandong, China) and Mel Springs from Petaluma got their crabby dance on when we pulled boat limits of huge Dungies. Even the captain got in on the take. It took just 8 pots in 180 feet of water, using jars of mackerel and squid for bait. The seas were large, like 8 to 10 feet with 10- to 12-second periods. We ran back to Harbor at 19 knots. I chose not to go between the Head and the Bodega Rock because large waves were breaking there. Instead I crossed the reef and entered the Bay navigating safely in next to the channel buoy.”

On another Reel Magic trip the seas were agreeable and so were the crab. Limits were hauled up for passengers Troy and Rebecca Ford, Jeff Mrago and Aileen Bailey.

Shore-based fishing was very good at times, but not at all times. Capt Rick Powers said that a guy came into the Boathouse Restaurant two days in a row. On the first day he had been perch fishing on Doran Beach and caught a fish almost every cast. Then the very next day he went right to same place and didn’t have nearly the same luck. Those perch roam the beaches in groups and fishing can be red hot or just a pick.

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