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Sharks and rays add options to usual crab and perch fare

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 20, 2012

EUREKA — While most folks went after the usual crab, sanddab and surfperch options out of Eureka, kayakers focused on sharks and rays.

“Crabbing is really good for Dungeness out of Trinidad,” said Travis Adams at Pacific Outfitters in Eureka, who added, “The Mad River is producing steelhead.” On days when the sea was calm, crabbers hauled pots and found better-than-average size crabs. On rougher days, anglers took to the river banks to work Spin-n-Glow with yarn or spinners for steelies.

Greg Mouton of Pacific Outfitters provided an exclusive report on kayak fishing for sharks and rays. “I had two bigger fish break off this week, but I caught a couple of 6-foot 7-gills over the past few weeks in addition to leopard sharks,” said Mouton, who typically fishes deep spots in the center channel of Humboldt Bay. His favorite terminal rig is a whole squid pinned on an 8/0 hook with 60-pound steel leader and 3 to 6 ounces of lead to get the bait to the bottom and hold it there.

Mouton also works crab pots on his kayak. It can be difficult to haul and work multiple pots from the small craft, but he usually manages limits using Promar collapsible 30-inch pots.

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