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Half Moon Bay: Salmon up and down, rockfish reliable for anglers

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Aug 06, 2019

HALF MOON BAY — It was a good gamble to try for most anything out of Half Moon Bay. On some days the salmon bite was good and some striped bass were caught along with them. Rockfish action was reliable, and some lings came up. Jetty anglers and kayakers caught halibut in Pillar Point Harbor.

WADE ICHIMURA FROM San Bruno caught a 12-pound king salmon and a 10-pound striped bass using anchovies aboard the Huli Cat out of Half Moon Bay while salmon fishing in 85 feet of water near the Golden Gate last week.

Salmon fishing was not necessarily consistent, but at times was very good. New Captain Pete boated 9 salmon and a halibut. Hit the right day and the counts were great. On the very next day the fleet may be busy locating the next school of salmon to fish. Stephanie at Half Moon Bay Sportfishing said, “One interesting thing is that while catching salmon we’re are getting some striped bass mixed in.” That means that salmon were in shallow and it also means that striped bass were roaming offshore in search of schools of baitfish.

Huli Cat out of Half Moon Bay went rockcod fishing off Deep Reef In 230 feet of water. Capt. Michael Cabanas reported that Raymond Chan from South San Francisco got a 2-pound yellow rockfish, caught on a bar. Perry Wong from San Francisco had a 3-pound copper rockfish caught on a bar, and Aaron Scott from Hayward caught canary and copper rockfish up to 5 pounds. He was also using a bar. “Ocean conditions were slightly breezy with a small swell. Limits of rockcod for 10 anglers were taken for the day.”

There were some good catches made by jetty anglers and kayakers working both inside and outside the Pillar Point Harbor jetty. Stephanie reported quite a few catches of halibut and some very excited anglers. Many of those anglers were hoping the pen-reared salmon would start showing up, but they had no complaint with the halibut they have been hooking.

heftingaHEFTING A BIG salmon isn’t always that easy, and Doug Park from San Francisco struggled a bit with his 16-pound king caught on an anchovy in 85 feet of water off of the Golden Gate aboard the Huli Cat out of Half Moon Bay.

goldengatekingGOLDEN GATE KING — Kenton Lum from milpitas caught this 14-pound king salmon using anchovies aboard the Huli Cat out of Half Moon Bay in 85 feet of water near the Golden Gate last week, and the boat ended up with 10 limits of kings for 10 anglers and crew.

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