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Half Moon Bay gets some salmon and plenty of rockfish/lingcod

By CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Oct 11, 2017

HALF MOON BAY — Half Moon Bay partyboats, skiffs and kayaks chasing salmon pulled some fish over the rail, though counts were under a fish per rod in general. Shore fishers inside Pillar Point Harbor had returning salmon to tempt with spinners and boats chasing lingcod and rockfish scored nicely with some fat fish to boast of thanks to being able to fish deeper stones until Oct. 16.

Que Sera Sera out of Half Moon Bay Sportfishing went after salmon and found the target up the coast,” said David at Half Moon Bay Sportfishing. Private boats and kayakers worked near the entrance to Pillar Point Harbor to keep after the mixed grades of salmon foraging busily. Numbers were generally under a fish per rod, though a private angler with skills and patience could harvest a limit of the shiny fish. Those who were prepared to do what it takes to catch a limit needed to pack a large lunch to last the day.

Shore fishers inside the harbor caught salmon in the teens and most of them were missing their adipose fin, which means they were returning pen-reared fish from the in-bay pen project with hatchery salmon.. This autumn run in recent years has given shore anglers opportunities --which are rare and wonderful –to catch a fresh salmon dinner with very low expense.

Boats like Huli Cat and Queen of Hearts hauled passengers who enjoyed targeting lingcod and rockfish from Deep Reef to near Pigeon Point. Fishing regulations change October 16 and skippers all along the coast are making note of new depth restrictions to reduce the number of yelloweye rockfish being caught in order to keep from going over the allotment of these rockfish. Doing so would trigger a shutdown of rockfish and lingcod for the remainder of the year and seriously hurt the sportfishing community and the industries that support us.

Aboard Huli Cat while fishing at Deep Reef, Arvin Kumar caught a 4-pound copper rockfish and a big vermillion. Aneel Kumar also caught a 4-pound copper using a live bait rig and herring.

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