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Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jan 31, 2013


Reader Report by Randall Perkins, Fresno

Jor and Shelly

Mackinaw fishing on Lake Tahoe Jan. 20 produced limits+ for 6 anglers aboard a half-day charter with Tahoe Sport Fishing. After several days of snow skiing with his fiancée Shelly, Jor Law from the Los Angeles area decided to go on their first trout fishing expedition. And as beginner's luck would have it, Jor landed the BIG ONE. Though the fish was not weighed, Captain Scott estimated the fish at approximately 16-17 pounds, and commented that it was his largest mack landed on his vessel this year so far. Fishing was by slow trolling at depths between 120 and 190 with flashers followed several feet by a small live minnow on a treble hook. It is prime snow ski season at Tahoe right now, but three out of our group of eleven skiers decided to not pass the excellent fishing opportunity, too. The recent reports in WON on Tahoe Mackinaw fishing are spot on. That day it was a clear blue sky, in the 40's and no wind. Ski or fish...that's a tough choice. So why not do both! The following morning, fisherman Mike Yelenik impressed the whole gang back at the cabin with a fresh trout off-the-charts delicious breakfast.

Reader Report by Ron Spencer


Ron Spencer caught this 16-pound, 36.5 inch long, 20-inch girth fish on the Chetco River Jan. 29.

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