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Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Feb 21, 2012


Reader Report by John Wright, Cypress

rr_john wright

Parker Wright, 14, along with his brother Hunter Wright, 9, and dad John (not pictured) had a very successful late season snow goose hunt at Westmorland, CA. They shot the limit of 6 each. This was Hunter Wright’s first year hunting.

Reader Report by Dave Breiter, Fountain Valley

rr_dave breiter

With snow on the ground you know the temp was cold but the fishing was just the opposite on Hot Creek this past weekend. While fishing the Interpretive Site on Hot Creek with my father, brother and a group of our friends for our annual "Boy's Trip," I landed this beauty bow. It measured out to 20 inches long and weighed just over 5 pounds. It hit a number 18 posted royal coachmen. That fly produced several other brown trout as well. The big ’bow was released successfully. I have to thank my good friend Brian Taylor for convincing me and the rest of the group to try fishing Hot Creek that day.

We also fished Pleasant Valley Reservoir for a mixed bag of stocker sized bows and browns. Fishing here was a little on the slow side and the fish were a mixed bag of quality. About half of the fish we caught came up looking awesome. They were full finned, brightly colored and many were sporting hook jaws. The other half were beat up, scarred and had ratty torn fins. Not sure what the cause of the dramatic difference in quality was.

Reader Report by Larry Verner, Cypress

rr_larry verner

Decided to try out a local city park called Alondra, down where the 91 freeway ends. I met my uncle and some friends there. Arrived around noon targeting bass for the day. I tied on drop shot with a short tag and used my uncles new hand poured 3 inch drop shot worm. Color was a dark purple with red flake. We fished ’til 3 p.m. with no bites. Had some faith in this color of worm, so I casted a couple more times. On my third cast — I casted further then all of my casts within the whole day — three cranks and a little shakes I got a small bite and quickly after it was taking line fast. I set the hook and my line starts to peel. My drag was set tight prior and it was still ripping line. Big head shakes and drag peeling, I fought this beast for 10 minutes. I finally brought him up and saw that it is a beastly catfish weighing in at 13.58 pounds. It was my highlight of the day. Even though it was not a bass, I'm still happy.

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