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Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Nov 06, 2012


Reader Report by Steve Greenberg, Thousand Oaks


Steve and Harold Greenberg of Thousand Oaks, enjoyed wide open fishing opening day at Irvine Lake. This picture is of two 4-pound rainbow trout that were caught on rainbow PowerBait then dipped in bites on fury powder.

Reader Report by Steve Greenberg, Thousand Oaks


I was fishing with Chris Gailey of Moorpark, creeling a nice limit of rainbows on Irvine Lake opening day. They said it was the best opener in years! We caught our limits on PowerBait and nightcrawlers. The two limits totaled 38 pounds. What a great day!

Reader Report by Rick Brodsly, Thousand Oaks


Here I am with my 5½-pound rainbow trout caught at Irvine Lake on opening day. Used 2-pound-test and Gulp chunky cheese dipped in bang garlic.

Reader Report by Ryan Hubbard, Thousand Oaks


My friend Samuel Adams (that’s his real name) and I went hunting in the Los Padres National Forest near Frazier Park  on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Sam harvested his first buck and I took a personal best 3x3 buck with eye guards. The buck weighed approximately 140 to 150 pounds and was 19½ inches wide. I shot him on public land with a 30.06 from about 300-350 yards. The buck was bedded under the shade of an oak tree with 2 does at about 10 a.m. I spotted him from about 500 yards and put a stock on to get within comfortable shooting distance. Once within shooting distance, I started the waiting game, and waited for him to stand up and get broadside. After about 5 minutes of waiting for this big boy to move, Sam’s buck came running in to check out the does (they're in full rut). My buck quickly stood up to stand his ground and Sam’s buck retreated. My buck stood broadside and I dropped him in one shot. The does didn't budge and Sam's buck became curious, coming closer into the area. Sam patiently waited, and put a nice shot on his 2x2 dropping him. Couldn't ask for a better day hunting.

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