Reader Reports: Limited Minutes

Reader Reports: Limited in minutes

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jul 06, 2018


Reader Report by Eric Shields


It’s been a while since my son Alex Shields has appeared in your publication, but figured this was a worthy catch. We were on a 1½ day aboard the Fortune fishing off San Nicholas Island. The captain, Bruce Smith, seems to always put us on big fish which is evidenced by this quality 42-pound jackpot winning halibut. Alex was relentlessly working a lead head with live squid when his rod suddenly loaded up and the fight was on. Once he got the fish to color and got a glimpse of this bad boy, it triggered those emotions we all know when a fish of a lifetime is on the end of your line. He remained calm and with slow steady pressure coerced the fish toward the boat but kept it from thrashing as halibut do. Jordan was standing ready with the gaff and with amazing talent stuck him with a perfect hook set avoiding all that tasty meat! Can’t say enough about the great captain and crew on the Fortune, Bruce, Bob, Jordan and Axel thank you for providing us both with a lifetime memory.

Reader Report by Tracy Hartman


Limited in minutes! Great fishing off Coronado Island.

Reader Report by Dave Jencks


Went surf fishing in Ventura with sand crabs and caught this beautiful corvina, which I released after photo to catch another day.

Reader Report by Mark Leal



Landed this 180-pound bluefin tuna on the New Low An Monday, June 25, 2018. It was caught on a 250 flatfall. My wife, Ana Leal, caught this 130 pounder with a live bait sinker rig. Deckhand Matt Stone is holding the fish.

Reader Report by Ryan Lynch


This past weekend I hiked up to the Hilton lakes in the Eastern Sierra. My buddies and I were in search for some native trout. As we got to the lake, we saw a bunch of trout boiling on the surface and all we had were artificial lures. I threw on a gold Mepps spinner and the first cast I had two big browns follow it back to me. I knew it was going to be a good day. Next cast I hooked a big 3-pound native brown, but it broke me off. We walked down the bank a little way to a stream inlet, and first cast is when I hooked up to this beautiful native brown trout. What a fight it gave on the 4-pound test. As it choked my lure, I was very careful knowing natives are delicate fish. It started to bleed a little, but stopped bleeding after a few seconds. I revived it for about 15 minutes as it was in shock. It eventually swam off healthier than it was.

Reader Report by Larry Zimmerman


Went out on the Constitution on a 2.5 day trip returning Monday, July 2, 2018. We fished the second day about 100 miles south of Point Loma and had a good day. We ended up with 4 yellowfin tuna, 60 nice size yellowtail and one dorado. Here’s a picture of one of my two 25- pound yellowfin tunas I caught. I used 25-pound line with a 25-pound fluorocarbon leader to a #2 circle hook. It was a great trip.

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