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SOCAL UPDATE: The springtime bite is on at Lake Henshaw

BY BRADLEY SCHWEIT/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 30, 2010


SANTA YSABEL — It’s no secret that come springtime, Lake Henshaw tends to be one of the best crappie fisheries in all of SoCal, perhaps even the entire state. Well, this season is shaping up to be no different, as the slabs started to go on the chew big time this past week; not to mention catfish, bass, bluegill and even carp were in the mix.

“The bite is on!” staffers exclaimed. “The crappie are coming up in large numbers and up to 3 pounds. The catfish are beginning to show across the lake near the rocks off Monkey Island, with fish to 111⁄2 pounds. The bass are teasing, and seem to be holding on structure across the lake from the docks, near the inlets. Largemouth of 71⁄2 and 51⁄2 pounds came in this past week, and a couple of bluegill made an appearance. Come on out and enjoy the spring bite.”

Crappie catches were beyond impressive, as you’ll certainly gather from the following list:

Ryan Tenny, Johny Barletts and Matt (no last name provided) fished together off Rocky Point in their boat and landed 35 crappie up to 11⁄2 pounds. Tony White Eagle of Santa Ysabel caught his limit of crappie, with his largest coming in at 2 pounds. Dennis Whyte, also of Santa Ysabel, landed his limit of 25 crappie to 1-pound while fishing from his boat. Santa Ysabel resident Lyle Daniels visited the lake seven times this past week and tallied 87 slabs averaging about a pound apiece. Robert Cleveland of Perris caught 20 crappie weighing up to 3⁄4-pound. Carl Robinson of Rialto put 18 crappie on his stringer, with his heaviest weighing 2 pounds. Henry Hall of San Diego used shiners from the dock, about 4 feet off the bottom, to land 17 crappie weighing up to 2 pounds. Linda and Carl Harrison of Anaheim brought in 15 one-pound crappie, and Jose Tillery of Imperial Beach managed an identical catch. Cedric Moore of San Diego bagged 13 crappie to 3⁄4-pound. Robert Boorne of Ontario offered shiners through the holes in the dock and brought up 10 slabs weighing up to 11⁄2 pounds, and also noted the large crappie seem to be hugging the bottom. Alex Palvlenko of Oceanside landed 6 crappie. Jeff Hunter and William Jefferson teamed up in a rental boat and tossed jigs for 5 crappie at a pound each. H.D. Cook of San Diego had 5 crappie to 3⁄4-pound, and Lamar Cook, also of San Diego, matched H.D.’s catch. Robert Cleveland of Perris brought in 4 crappie weighing up to 3⁄4-pound. Nick Thongduy of Menifee also had 4 slabs on his stringer, with his heaviest weighing 1-pound. Donald Crosier of Hemet worked jigs off the shore near Rocky Point and came in with 4 crappie weighing up to 1-pound. Alex Vasily of Carlsbad caught 3 crappie. Dennis Grant of Oceanside stuck 2 one-pound slabs. Sal Hernandez landed a 2-pound crappie, and Rod Holmes of Oceanside had a one-pound fish.

Anglers also landed a few quality catfish this past week. Jeff Hunter and William Jefferson drifted the lake in a rental boat and returned to the dock with 9 catfish to 111⁄2 pounds. Bounnhing Phiakeo and Vanna Bouaphavon, both of San Diego, fished together and put 11 catfish on their stringer, with the heaviest weighing 2 pounds. John Washington of Long Beach hammered 9 catfish to 5 pounds. Vern Schweitzer used shrimp from his boat to catch and release 8 catfish weighing up to 4 pounds. J.D. Schweitzer fished with Vern and brought up an additional 5 catfish at a pound apiece. Joe Garcia of San Diego had 5 kitties to 21⁄2 pounds. Joel Rodriguez of Vista caught 4 cats at 1-pound each. In addition to slaying the crappie, Lyle Daniels of Santa Ysabel also caught 3 whiskerfish to 3 pounds.

The carp appear to be everywhere, and Connor Bowman of Cardiff, Zino Nakasuji of Los Alamitos and Todd Suttie of Long Beach nailed 20 fish, with their heaviest weighing 6 pounds. Marina and Gary Ossit of Woodland Hills hammered 23 carp to 3 pounds. Alex Pavlenko of Oceanside caught 15 carp. Valily Prozapas of Carlsbad and Aleksandr Pavlenico of Oceanside brought in 12 carp weighing up to 4 pounds. Gary Ossit of Woodland Hills nailed 20 to 4 pounds. Julio Perez of San Marcos landed 10 carp weighing up to 2 pounds. Jose Avalos Jr. and Jose Avalos Sr. brought in 7 carp, with their heaviest weighing 5.3 pounds. Stanjsi Cameza caught 5 carp. Louie Mendec of San Diego caught 3 carp weighing up to 3 pounds. Canuto Ruiz also brought in 3 carp to 2 pounds, and Lamar Cook of San Diego caught one buglemouth.  

The bass are just beginning to show. Lane Yule of Palomar Mountain offered plastic worms off Rocky Point for 4 largemouth, and added another largemouth of 5 pounds while fishing near the boat dock.

The bluegill prefer a little bit warmer water before they begin feeding, however, Victor Soukhoroukov of San Diego came in with 1 ’gill, and Aleksandr Pavlenko of Oceanside had one, too.

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