Published: Aug 16, 2010


Clemente gives up yellows close to home for overnights, but it’s San Martin Island that holds the mother load for trips from 2 1/2 days on up…


San Clemente Island gives up slug yellows in the bait grounds...
By Brandon Hayward/WON Staff Writer

...but it’s San Martin Island that holds the mother load for trips from 2 1/2 days on up…

DANA POINT — The bait grounds in Pyramid Cove has been drawing boats from San Pedro to San Diego, as it’s the best game in ton for boats looking for shots at yellowtail.

“Some of our charter groups have been opting to go to San Clemente after trying offshore. On Sunday we had 24 of those good grade yellows that are honest 25 to 40 pounders,” reported Legend owner/operator Shawn Trowbridge.

The bait grounds in Pyramid Cove as well as the frontside of San Clemente Island have been holding yellowtail, but it’s the fish in the cove that are the monsters.

With offshore prospects being what they are, the San diego fleet has been posting up in the Cove when the charter groups are open to fishing Clemente. For the L.A. and Orange County fleet, Clemente is the bread and butter for the overnight runs.

“We are online to fish Clemente every night we are not chartered. There’s good sign of yellowtail there in the Cove, and there’s some little schools of smaller 10- to 12-pound yellowtail on the front,” reported Sea Horse skipper Todd Nelson on a call with WON. On Sunday it was three rows deep in the cove when the Sea Horse had 3 yellows in the bait grounds to go with one from the front of the island later on in the day.

The Freedom is the other boat running nightly, and its 2-day trip on Sunday fished Clemente after starting on the Cortez Bank. The 2-day was good for 8 yellowtail to go with 7 barracuda 43 bonito, 83 sheephead, 24 scyulpin and 21 perch. The Outrider fished Clemente Sunday on an overnight for 5 yellowtail, 25 calico bass, 2 barracuda, 2 sheephead and a bonito.

Catalina enjoys an ‘endless’ spring

LONG BEACH  New areas of squid, a white seabass bite that shows no signs of slowing down despite it being August, and enough yellowtail, bass and bonito on the frontside of the island to keep it interesting is making Catalina feel like it’s going to have an endless summer of spring-style fishing.

“There’s still plenty of squid over here and the seabass fishing is still going good. It’s like spring over here,” reported Options skipper Tino Valantine. “I do not think this seabass is going away anytime soon. I think we are going to be catching seabass over here until the season is over.”

That water has been in the mid sixties at Catalina—perfect for seabass and squid.

The Options had 7 white seabass on Friday and then backed it up Sunday with 8 white seabass. “Island fishing is where its at, bottom line, if you wait for something else to happen this year, you just might be waiting until next year,” added Valantine.

The ¾-day trips to run to Catalina have been seeing some yellowtail on the front of the island to go with bass fishing that ranges from fair to good. The Enterprise out of Marina Sportfishing turned in 1 yellowtail on Sunday to go with 65 bonito.

The Pursuit has had some good bass fishing on its full day trips out of 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro. Thursday went over the hump on the bass when 31 anglers scored 107 calico bass to go with 4 barracuda, 2 bonito, 2 sculpin and 66 perch.

• SPECTRA SLUG — Billy Keleman, owner of the six-pack Spectra out of Pierpoint Landing, was on busman’s holiday when he scored this 42-pound yellowtail at Santa Barbara Island.

• BOBBY’S BISCUIT — Bobby Lienau, co-owner of the six-pack Options, jumped on his Pierpoint Landing based six pack for a shot at some August sebass at Catalina Island. Mission accomplished!

San Martin Island gives up great yellowtail action

SAN DIEGO   With the offshore scene being what it is, it’s been all about getting to an island for shots at yellowtail.

The trend holds true for everything from overnight trips to 5-day trip out of San Diego, as there simply has not been any biting tuna to work with. Case in point: there was one bluefin take for the entire fleet last week. It was a 1 ½-day trip on the Legend that had the bluefin on Thursday.

“There is still plenty of albacore and bluefin down below past 100 miles,” reported Legend owner/operator Shawn Trowbridge. “We saw good sign of bluefin down there. It was not hard to find a school of bluefin in the morning, and then in the afternoon there were albacore up high and dry… it just doesn’t bite. If it does, it could really save the season.”

What has been getting with it has been yellowtail at San Martin Island, more specifically, Breakers and the 6.

The Big Game 90 was the first boat to get a good score at San Martin, when it had over 100 yellowtail on Wednesday while on a 2 1/2-day trip.

“There was good sign of fish there. Pretty much all of it was on the flylined sardine,” reported Big Game 90 Captain Mike Jewett on a call with WON. He added that there continues to be good sign of squid at San Martin; Jewett spent time looking for seabass before focusing on the yellowtail. The water is still cold and brown in San Martin’s bait grounds.

Since the Big Game 90’s hit, San Martin has been the go-to spot for trips on 2 ½ and 3-day trips. Four boats were on it on Sunday. One of them was the Ranger 85, which was on a 2 ½-day trip.

“We ended up with 170 yellows for our day there on Saturday,” reported Ranger 85 Captain Dustin Tench on a call with WON. “It’s great grade. It’s mostly that 18- to 25-pound fish. Most of it was on the flyline sardine, but we had a few fish on the yo-yo iron and surface iron.

“We had a go around for 53 in the morning, then we had one for 24. From there we’d get little hits for 10 to 12 fish.”

The Sea Adventure 80 returned to H&M Landing from a 2 ½-day Sunday with 101 yellowtail to go with 75 rockfish and a lingcod. A 2 ½-day on the Relentless the same day found 54 yellows to go with 22 lings at San Martin.

The Success bombed down to San Martin on a 2-day and ended up with 32 yellowtail for its 12 anglers.

The Searcher and Vagabond also fished San Martin for good action.

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