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Big Tailwalkers on tap at SARL and Corona

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jan 27, 2012

SAN CLEMENTE — Trout season is in full swing at the Santa Ana River Lakes and Corona Lake. Thousands and thousands of pounds have been stocked every week since their trout season started, and the lakes are full of big quality trout. In fact, the last rainy weekend, they stocked a semi-truck of Sierra ’bows on Thursday, Jan. 19.

These beauties just can't be beat. They are truly the closest thing to a wild trout. That's because the way they were raised is exactly like the conditions a wild trout would experience: high mountain; cold, earthen streams, and exposure to natural food sources results in beautifully-colored bodies, full tails, red meat, and strong, hard-bodied trout. Lots of these beauties are waiting to be caught because of the lighter crowds the lakes had with the rain.

But the rain did not stop their stocking (and it never does). On Wednesday, Jan. 25, they stocked Tailwalkers up to 10 pounds! Thousands and thousands of pounds of those line-stripping, rod-bending, line-breaking Tailwalkers were stocked. These are everyone's favorites, with their rock-hard bodies, pink meat, full tails and the fight they produce when hooked. They literally walk across the water in an attempt to avoid capture.

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